Arizona Voter Guide

Arizona Voter Guide

FAQs about voting in Arizona

How bond and override elections work in Maricopa County
Your ballot is probably on the way, but what are you voting on? Here's how bond and override elections work in Maricopa County.
map of vote centers in maricopa county
Voting has begun across Maricopa County on various bonds and overrides, funding mechanisms for everything from school renovations and teacher salaries to city parks and public safety infrastructure.
Jul. 12, 2022
Every two years, Arizonans cast their votes in primary and general elections. And every two years, critics complain it takes too many days for all the votes to be counted. Through KJZZ’s Q&AZ project, a listener asked: Why does the vote counting process take so long?
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Aug. 6, 2022
An early ballot for Maricopa County
Why have we not yet received our Arizona voter ballots in the mail? How do we find out when our ballots will arrive?
Oct. 18, 2022
putting a ballot in a mailbox
KJZZ is partnering with America Amplified to answer questions about how to participate in the 2022 midterm elections. Here are some of the top question about early voting in Arizona we've answered so far.
Sep. 26, 2022

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Democrat withdraws from AZ Senate race, endangers partys chances of taking the chamber
Democrats' hopes of taking control of the Arizona Senate may be dashed, as the only Democratic candidate running in one of the state’s most liberal districts has dropped out.
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48 minutes ago
In Arizona and elsewhere, new citizens could sway the election
More than 31 million immigrants are already naturalized U.S. citizens or likely eligible to do so this year, according to data analyzed by the advocacy group American Immigration Council.
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Qanon Shaman misses deadline to run for Arizonas CD8
Angeli-Chansley was one of more than 70 would-be candidates for federal office who failed to meet the April 1 deadline to turn in petition signatures to the secretary of state’s office that were needed to get their names on the ballot.
NewsCap: AZ abortion ruling is a disaster for Republicans
Paul Bentz of HighGround and former Congressional candidate Anita Malik joined The Show to talk about the Arizona Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion, the state Legislature moving to a one day a week schedule and more.
Investigation: 2022 Cochise County ballots found in March appear to be due to human error
The investigation started after County Elections Director Tim Mattix found two sealed mail-in ballots from the 2022 General Election in ballot drop bags he was preparing for the March Presidential Preference Election.

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Final Four drew more than 300,000 to downtown Phoenix
Speaking at the Phoenix Convention Center Monday, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego touted the impact of the NCAA Men’s Final Four. According to Gallego, the tournament and surrounding events drew roughly 300,000 visitors to downtown Phoenix earlier this month.
32 minutes ago
Leaked document reveals Republican plans to combat abortion initiative
Republicans at the Arizona Legislature may refer multiple proposals to the ballot in an effort to undermine a citizen-led effort to put the right to abortion in the Arizona Constitution, according to documents leaked from the state Capitol.
Trump, Bidens campaigns turn focus to Arizona
Last week, the Arizona State Supreme Court ordered the enforcement of a law from 1864 banning nearly all abortions. That's led both presidential campaigns to focus on the battleground state.
What new numbers say about Arizonas financial situation
As budget talks start to get moving at the Arizona Capitol, some lawmakers were keeping an eye on new numbers that would paint an updated picture of the state’s financial situation.
Lots of questions about whats next after Arizona abortion ruling
Despite last week’s ruling by the Arizona Supreme Court that the state’s 1864 near-total ban on abortions supersedes a more recent 15-week ban, there are still lots of questions about what comes next, legally — and when.