Vehicle Donations

Vehicle Donations

Are you thinking about selling your car, boat, motorcycle, truck, or other vehicle? Save yourself a headache and donate it to KJZZ instead!

Or call 1-855-565-5599

How does my vehicle donation help the station?

When you donate your vehicle to KJZZ, it’s sold at a private auction and the sale proceeds are sent on to the station. These funds directly support KJZZ’s local community reporting in Phoenix and NPR coverage of national stories.

What are the benefits for me?

You become a member of KJZZ and will receive membership perks like:

Loyalty Card
Loyalty Card discounts at Valley businesses

Movie Club
Movie Club offers to attend movie debuts & film screenings

Pledge-free stream during member drives

Ticket giveaways
Public Radio Weekly e-newsletter with exclusive ticket giveaways

Listen to these testimonials:

Vehicle donor

Patsy Rethore-Larson (pictured with husband Lance) began listening to public radio as a teenager. She loves the unbiased news and entertaining programs on KJZZ. So when it came time to buy a new car, she didn’t sell or trade in her beloved 2000 Saturn SL1; she donated it to KJZZ. Hear her story:

Vehicle donor

Bill Parmentier and his wife raised their two sons listening to KJZZ. When it came time to get a new car, they donated their Volvo S40 to KJZZ to help give back to a public radio station that has given them so much. Hear their story:

Avondale resident Jacob Tenney listens to KJZZ on his daily commute to downtown Phoenix. When he had more than one car he no longer needed, he knew donating them to KJZZ would help support the quality programs he listens to everyday. Hear his story:

What are the advantages of donating my vehicle?

You will avoid the stressful process of selling your vehicle: advertising, getting your vehicle appraised, communicating with potential buyers, paying for registration/inspection/insurance/repairs, and dealing with taxes after the sale is closed. You won’t even have to pay for the tow truck when KJZZ picks up your vehicle!

If your vehicle sells for less than $500, you can write off its fair market value or $500 (whichever is less) on your tax return. And if it sells for more, you can write off the full sale price of your vehicle. We’ll mail you an IRS Form 1098-C, “Contributions of Motor Vehicles, Boats, and Airplanes,” within one month of the sale stating the amount of gross proceeds received for your vehicle, provided it sold for more than $500. Otherwise the receipt provided to you at the time of pickup will serve as your tax receipt. 

How do I go about donating my vehicle?

Simply call 1-855-565-5599 or fill out this form. It really is that simple!

As long as you have a signed, clean title, you can donate nearly any vehicle you own to the station—and we’ll take care of everything for you!

I have some more questions.

Read our FAQs page for answers to any more questions you may have or call us at (480) 774-8257.



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