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Mesa police vehicle
The city of Mesa has reached an $8 million settlement with the widow of a Texas man shot dead by police in 2016.
Nov. 25, 2022
The U.S. Capitol
Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are asking the Biden administration how it will handle the border after Title 42. The pandemic-era restriction on asylum at the border is slated to end next month following a federal court order out of Washington, D.C., this month.
Nov. 23, 2022
Environmental groups are watching closely to see how Arizona’s next governor, Katie Hobbs, will handle a makeshift wall of shipping containers the state is putting up along the border.
Nov. 23, 2022
DACA application
The survey's findings come as Congress mulls a bill to provide permanent protection for DACA recipients.
Nov. 21, 2022
Interstate 10 sign
A suspect has been arrested for allegedly shooting at several cars on a west Phoenix freeway that resulted in the death of one driver.
Nov. 21, 2022
Mesa Police fentanyl drug bust
Earlier this month, the Mesa Police Department made one of the largest fentanyl pill drug busts in the department’s history. The discovery of these pills occurred as officials from the Street Crime Units seized several illegal drugs from two unrelated drug bust cases.
Nov. 19, 2022
KJZZ logo generic card
Police say the killer or killers who stabbed four University of Idaho students to death remains at large, and the violence has prompted many students to leave town.
Nov. 16, 2022
Fronteras Desk logo
A federal judge in Washington D.C. has ruled to vacate Title 42 — the pandemic-era protocol that allows U.S. border officers to quickly turn away migrants and asylum seekers and send them back across the border.
Nov. 15, 2022
Chris Magnus
The head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection has resigned from his job leading the nation’s largest law enforcement agency as agents encounter record numbers of migrants entering the U.S. from Mexico.
Nov. 14, 2022
Chris Magnus
The head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection is being forced out of his job leading the nation’s largest law enforcement agency as agents encounter record numbers of migrants entering the U.S. from Mexico, according to two people familiar with the matter.
Nov. 11, 2022
phoenix municipal court building
The Phoenix City Prosecutor’s Office boasts a 95% success rate for its domestic violence diversion program, but some leaders want to see more numbers.
Nov. 10, 2022
Phoenix Police Department SUV
The Phoenix Police Department is trying to increase the number of officers and decrease response times. Depending on the precinct, the average response time for priority one calls — like a violent crime in progress or a just-stolen car — is six to eight minutes.
Nov. 10, 2022
A new report assesses the causes, scope and impacts of growing wildlife trafficking in Mexico, where species like jaguars, sloths, monkeys and lizards are being openly traded — both in public markets and on social media.
Nov. 10, 2022
judge's gavel
A new report from the Human Trafficking Institute unveils new data about how federal courts handle trafficking cases nationwide and in Arizona.
Nov. 9, 2022
Rocky Point
Sonoran officials say they are investigating a case of possible fraud in Rocky Point after an Arizona state representative highlighted the issue in a press conference this week.
Nov. 9, 2022
Paul Penzone
A federal judge on Tuesday found the sheriff of metro Phoenix to be in civil contempt of court in the same racial profiling case in which his predecessor, Joe Arpaio, was found to be in contempt six years earlier.
Nov. 9, 2022
empty jury box
The U.S. Supreme Court refused to void an Arizona law that allows certain criminal trials to be conducted with juries of just eight people. The vast majority of states in the U.S. require 12 people.
Nov. 8, 2022
DACA application
The federal government is now implementing updated guidance from the Biden administration on how to handle applications for DACA. The new rule was meant to fortify the program, but ongoing litigation still keeps first-time applicants out.
Nov. 7, 2022
Porch pirate package theft Ring
As the holiday season approaches, more online shoppers will begin to make purchases to be delivered to their homes. But items left on porches are vulnerable to being stolen. Phoenix police Sgt. Brian Bower suggests video monitoring devices to capture these porch pirates.
Nov. 5, 2022
Murray Hooper
Arizona’s clemency board unanimously declined on Thursday to recommend that the governor commute a man's death sentence to life in prison, keeping the inmate's planned execution on track for his conviction in two 1980 killings.
Nov. 4, 2022


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