Edgar Warner
Northern Arizona has been besieged with almost daily flooding after a pair of devastating wildfires near Flagstaff this year. Officials say the price tag to prevent further damage from flooding will be steep: between $125 million and $145 million that will need to come from the U.S. government.
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Aug. 17, 2022
tucson's skyline from the Tucson Mountain Park
Water and city managers held a joint town hall to discuss One Water, a master plan laid out by city in 2019 to address future water issues. The meeting was planned for this month, but ended up coming hours after the Bureau of Reclamation announced new cuts in Colorado River supply to Arizona, Nevada and Mexico.
Aug. 17, 2022
Lake Mead
The federal Bureau of Reclamation has announced more cuts to Arizona’s share of Colorado River water. But some water policy analysts were expecting more.
Aug. 17, 2022
aerial photo of downtown phoenix with camelback mountain in the background
On Tuesday, the Bureau of Reclamation issued its annual report on the condition of the nation’s two largest reservoirs, Lake Powell and Lake Mead. And although the news was grim, the city of Phoenix says water will continue to come out of the taps.
Aug. 17, 2022
drop from a water faucet
In June, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued four health advisories for PFAS in drinking water, and Arizona officials found alarming levels of the pervasive toxins in a Prescott restaurant's water supply. Now, new research offers hope for taking the "forever" out of these "forever chemicals."
Aug. 16, 2022
Carlsbad, California waves
As the Southwest continues to see shrinking water supplies after more than two decades of drought, eyes have turned to the ocean. But turning seawater into drinking water is more complicated than it might sound.
Aug. 16, 2022
Grand Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon National Park has lifted mandatory water conservation measures that were put in place last month.
Aug. 15, 2022
Flooded streets nogales
Three people died in Nogales, Sonora, this weekend as streets flooded amid heavy rains. Flooding has long been an issue in the city, and leaders say they are preparing to fund major infrastructure projects to address the situation.
Aug. 15, 2022
Lake Mead Echo Bay low water levels
Seven states in the U.S. West are facing a deadline from the federal government to come up with a plan to use substantially less Colorado River water in 2023.
Aug. 15, 2022
White House
On Friday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a $740 billion spending package, giving final congressional approval to the Biden-backed measure.
Aug. 13, 2022
Yaqui aqueduct
Officials say a major aqueduct project designed to bring potable water to Yaqui towns in Sonora is moving ahead. It’s part of the so-called justice plan promised by Mexico’s president.
Aug. 11, 2022
Colorado River
Historically, tribes along the Colorado River have been left out of decision-making about it, despite being senior water rights holders. But that's starting to change.
Aug. 9, 2022
A Phoenix yard featuring mostly gravel and rocks
In an effort to conserve water during the long-term drought, residents around the Southwest are tearing out their grass and opting for desert landscaping — called hardscape — that primarily features gravel. Through KJZZ’s Q&AZ project, a listener asked: Does hardscape contribute negatively to the urban heat island effect?
Aug. 6, 2022
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon National Park is bringing back mandatory water conservation measures this weekend. This comes after measures were lifted earlier this week.
Aug. 5, 2022
Rio Sonora 8 years
Saturday marks eight years since the worst environmental mining disaster in Mexican history. And for residents of the Rio Sonora valley, the impacts of that spill are still being felt.
Aug. 4, 2022
a cloud with lightning over phoenix
Thursday morning saw the latest storm in what has been a wet monsoon season in Arizona. All the rain is easing drought conditions in some ways — but maybe not others.
Aug. 4, 2022
Pallets of sandbags
The city of Flagstaff will be holding a community meeting for residents facing flooding on the town’s west side.
Aug. 2, 2022
The Upper Colorado River
Sponsored by Democratic Reps. Raul Grijalva and Greg Stanton, the bill authorizes the Colorado River Indian Tribes to lease water gained through conservation.
Jul. 31, 2022
Dragon Fire
The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bipartisan package that would help states recover from wildfires and provide half a billion dollars to keep Lake Mead and Lake Powell from dropping to critical levels.
Jul. 29, 2022
overhead sprinklers
Climate change is expected to worsen water shortages, including short-lived, hard-to-predict flash droughts. New research proposes a global early warning system that could help farmers save their crops.
Jul. 29, 2022


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