Passengers at Terminal 4 in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Sky Harbor International Airport is reporting its passenger numbers are nearing pre-pandemic levels and are up 63% from this time in 2020.
Sep. 28, 2021
Tempe Streetcar
Valley Metro announced last week that the Tempe Streetcar project, originally slated for launch in late 2021, has been pushed back to spring 2022. Valley Metro only has three of the necessary six streetcars it needs to launch the program.
Sep. 25, 2021
customer at counter inside store
Some workers at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport could soon get help covering child care costs. The city will offer vouchers and consider opening a child care center on airport property.
Sep. 22, 2021
Arizona’s jobs picture is improving. State unemployment is at pre-pandemic levels, and some sectors are near recovery. But job growth may have something to do with Arizona’s population growth.
Sep. 17, 2021
The completed Pinto Creek bridge on U.S. 60
After closing last weekend for roadway realignment, the newly constructed Pinto Creek bridge on U.S. 60 opened to traffic late Friday morning. The Arizona Department of Transportation began the $22.7 million bridge replacement project in 2019.
Sep. 17, 2021
traffic on Interstate 17
ADOT has begun negotiations with a design company that will oversee improvements on 23 miles of the freeway between Anthem Way and Sunset Point on I-17.
Sep. 13, 2021
U.S. 60 detour Superior Miami Globe Arizona
The U.S. 60 Closure between Superior and Miami began late Sunday as the Arizona Department of Transportation works to realign the roadway. ADOT says this is one of the final steps in the two-year, $22.7 million project to replace the Pinto Creek Bridge.
Sep. 13, 2021
Gov. Jan Brewer and  John Halikowski
One of the options for building out Interstate 11 is now off the table. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the option of running I-11 through the Lake Mead area near the Arizona state line was removed for numerous reasons, such as the potential impact on sensitive environmental resources and protected areas.
Sep. 7, 2021
charging station
Neighboring Sonora is home to large deposits of lithium, and the state’s incoming governor says that makes it the perfect location to pilot the use of electric vehicles. Governor-elect Alfonso Durazo says he wants to see Sonora lead the way to a transition from gas-powered to electric cars in Mexico.
Sep. 6, 2021
light rail
In 2004, Maricopa County voters approved a half-cent sales tax to help pay for transportation needs in the area. Now, Valley Metro CEO Scott Smith tells PBS’s “Arizona Horizons” that the tax is going to expire in 2025, and the company is working to get its replacement on next year’s ballot.
Sep. 4, 2021
Scottsdale Trolley
The future of transportation in Scottsdale could look much different. Although Scottsdale’s seen a lot of development over the last 20 years, the city says travel demand has not grown as much as expected.
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Sep. 2, 2021
hammer and a tool belt
Nearly 45% of Tohono O’odham Nation residents live in poverty. Only 20% have internet access. Even basic electricity is scarce across the reservation. These economic conditions present major challenges to learning and access to job training.
Aug. 31, 2021
waymo car
A Federal Transit Administration report found seniors and riders certified under the Americans with Disabilities Act in the East Valley prefer autonomous vehicles over traditional taxis or rideshare options.
Aug. 30, 2021
people standing around terminal
After a 17-month hiatus due to the coronavirus, British Airways will resume service from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.
Aug. 26, 2021
light rail
A Phoenix councilwoman wants the city to work toward offering fare-free bus and light rail service for every resident. Her target: free transit for every resident by 2050.
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Aug. 26, 2021
Collection can
Earlier this week, officials in Mexico announced they had reached an agreement with protesters at a toll booth in the Sonoran capital Hermosillo. But protesters say they aren’t confident leaders will keep their word.
Aug. 18, 2021
Scottsdale Airport
After being closed for most of July for major runway repairs, the Scottsdale Airport is resumed operations Saturday. The Scottsdale Airport is one of the busiest single-runway facilities in the country.
Aug. 14, 2021
The below-grade Papago Freeway in central Phoenix, built on what used to be Moreland and Culver streets.
With the Senate's passage of a physical infrastructure bill, Congress will now take up a broader infrastructure bill.
Aug. 11, 2021
flood damage
Flood damage caused the closure of U.S. Highway 60 east of the Valley earlier this week. That meant a lengthy detour for motorists traveling through Superior and Miami. The road reopened Thursday evening.
Aug. 11, 2021
Kyrsten Sinema
A bipartisan, $1 trillion infrastructure package cleared another legislative hurdle in the U.S. Senate on Monday afternoon, a step Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema hailed as a sign that “our democracy still works.”
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Aug. 9, 2021


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