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women walking in desert
Members of an Indigenous community in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, are asking tourists not to contract outside tour operators when visiting the tribe’s territory.
Jun. 8, 2022
Oscar Howe Fighting Bucks painting
What defines Native American art? ASU professor Jacob Meders explores the history of balancing Indigenous identity and creativity.
Jun. 8, 2022
Grand canyon interior
The Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources heard testimony on the Grand Canyon Protection Act on Tuesday.
Jun. 7, 2022
Havasu Falls in Havasu Canyon on Havasupai tribe land
The Havasupai Tribal Council sent a letter of opposition to ADEQ Friday, citing concerns over a proposed uranium mine.
May. 31, 2022
2020 ballot
Arizona's 2021 redrawing of district lines saw a last-minute adjustment that put a substantial number of white, Republican-leaning voters into districts previously dominated by Native American communities. The result could be the dilution of the Native American vote in districts that used to be Democratic strongholds.
May. 24, 2022
Justin Lund
The impacts of colonialism and unseemly research reverberate to this day. But, outside of the social sciences and some genomics, efforts to involve and protect Indigenous peoples remain nebulous. A new perspective piece argues for embedding those ethical frameworks in the rapidly growing field of microbiome research.
May. 20, 2022
Deb Haaland
A dam on the Fort Apache Reservation in Arizona will get a share of $29 million earmarked for safety repairs of aging dams as part of the federal infrastructure deal, the Department of the Interior announced Wednesday.
May. 19, 2022
A growing global debate over an energy source with a deadly past is playing out amidst the sweet sage and pine trees of the forests right by the Grand Canyon. More than a decade since the disastrous Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan, interest in uranium is on the rise again. And Arizona has cleared the way for a once stagnant mine to resume operations.
May. 18, 2022
Deb Haaland
The U.S. Interior Department Secretary Deb Haaland has released the first volume of an investigative report detailing the federal government's past oversight of Native American boarding schools.
May. 11, 2022
Quitobaquito a natural water source near the U.S.-Mexico border in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. It’s a sacred site and historic homestead to a southern Arizona tribe and it houses some of the state’s most endangered species. But the site is now in peril.
May. 6, 2022
Deb Haaland
U.S. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland wants to do more than just put a bandage on a crisis that she says has been decades in the making.
May. 6, 2022
river confluence
The Department of the Interior announced this week that nearly $10 million will be allocated for irrigation projects and power utilities owned by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
May. 6, 2022
Havasu Falls
The Havasupai tribe in northern Arizona has extended its pandemic-related tourism suspension.
May. 6, 2022
Lake Powell
On Tuesday, the Bureau of Reclamation announced two drought mitigation measures to ensure the water level at Lake Powell doesn’t dip below what’s required to generate electricity. It’s a significant move one tribe in Arizona hopes will push other water legislation forward.
May. 5, 2022
The Living Traditions Dance Troupe
"Dancing With The Universe | Native Style” is a new Indigenous theatrical work debuting this weekend at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. The themes present in the songs and dances are centered on connecting to nature.
May. 3, 2022
Gypsy Rose Low Rider
A new exhibit at Phoenix Art Museum called “Desert Rider” highlights a diverse display of art by Latinx and Indigenous artists of the Southwest.
More Arizona arts and entertainment
May. 1, 2022
Pinyon Plain Mine
Arizona granted an aquifer protection permit to a mining firm recently that enables the company to prepare to start extracting uranium ore near Grand Canyon National Park.
May. 1, 2022
Navajo Nation flag
Earlier this month, the Navajo Nation Council’s Health, Education and Human Services Committee voted against a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage on the largest Native American reservation in the country. The bill is far from dead, however.
Apr. 25, 2022
Havasu Creek
Part of a lawsuit against the Bureau of Indian Education has been revived by a federal court. In a previous case, students of Havasupai Elementary School claimed a lack of educational opportunities for students with disabilities. Now, the claim goes for all students at the school.
Apr. 19, 2022
norma baker-flying horse
Phoenix Fashion Week is hitting the runway April 15-16. The event attracts models, designers and fashionistas from across the U.S., including North Dakota, where Indigenous designer Norma Baker-Flying Horse is from.
Apr. 15, 2022


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