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Navajo Nation president's office
The Navajo Nation has by far the largest land mass of any Native American tribe in the country. Now, it's boasting the largest enrolled population, too. The number grew to nearly 400,000 as a result of payments made to individual Navajos for hardships during the pandemic.
May. 19, 2021
Jonathan Nez
In a joint statement, Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez and Vice President Myron Lizer voiced their disappointment with Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey for signing two voter restriction bills into law.
May. 12, 2021
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The San Carlos Apaches have fought a proposed copper mine that would be located about an hour east of Phoenix because it will destroy an important cultural site. But the mine could also have impacts on the Phoenix area and beyond.
May. 7, 2021
Navajo pandemic
India leads the world in new coronavirus cases, with hundreds of thousands of infections per day and a staggering death toll. The Navajo Nation recently sent 1,200 cloth masks to India.
May. 5, 2021
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit building
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has sent a nearly 20-year-old water rights lawsuit by the Navajo Nation back to a federal courtroom in Arizona, where the case has been thrown out twice before.
Apr. 29, 2021
U.S. Interior Department officials have moved to reverse policies adopted under former President Donald Trump that Native American leaders said were hindering efforts by tribes to establish, consolidate and govern their homelands.
Apr. 28, 2021
Chaco Culture National Historical Park
The Chaco Canyon area of New Mexico might provide insights on what the Biden administration's environmental policy will look like. About 90% of the Chaco Canyon region has been leased out for oil and gas drilling over the years, and people who live in this corner of northwest New Mexico have started to push back.
Biden's 100-Day Plan: The Impact On Arizona
Apr. 26, 2021
Jill Biden
Staff at Hunters Point Boarding School in St. Michaels have repainted the building, upgraded the washer and dryer in the dorms, installed a security gate, placed plexiglass between beds and installed hand-washing stations.
Apr. 23, 2021
Jill Biden
First Lady Jill Biden heads to the Navajo Nation later this week. In the State of the Navajo Nation address on Monday, Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez says Biden will be visiting schools and health care facilities.
Apr. 20, 2021
Gov. Doug Ducey on Thursday signed into law a bill that opens sports betting in Arizona, but those who have a gambling addiction find the new law lacking.
Apr. 16, 2021
Desert Diamond West Valley casino
Arizona tribes are going to get at least four new casinos — and possibly more after another decade — along with more slot machines and more games of chance.
Apr. 16, 2021
 solar panels
The Navajo Nation has approved a couple of solar projects that will provide electricity to tribal communities.
Apr. 15, 2021
San Carlos Apache Oak Flat mine protest
Oak Flat in Pinal County has become the centerpiece of the battles between Native American tribes to preserve their sacred land and mining companies that want to generate revenue and create jobs. Washington Post Reporter Dana Hedgpeth recently wrote about Oak Flat.
Apr. 15, 2021
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The U.S. House Committee for Indigenous people held hearings Tuesday on Congressman Raul Grijalva’s bill to permanently protect Oak Flat from a proposed copper mine.
Apr. 13, 2021
The Arizona Senate has passed a bill that would prohibit public schools from banning Native American students from wearing traditional tribal regalia or objects of cultural significance to their graduation ceremonies.
Apr. 13, 2021
sports bet ticket
The Arizona Legislature late Monday approved a key part of a plan that will provide new opportunities for gambling at casinos owned by Native American tribes and for the first time allow sports betting both on and off reservations.
Apr. 13, 2021
Grand Canyon National Park
The east entrance to Grand Canyon National Park will reopen Thursday, April 8. When the Navajo Nation was hit by the coronavirus, it imposed limits on travel and visitation.
Apr. 7, 2021
Jonathan Nez
Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez is pleading with residents not to let down their guard this holiday weekend.
Apr. 4, 2021
Oak Flat sign
Arizona Congressman Raúl Grijalva has introduced a bill to protect the Oak Flat area of Tonto National Forest. The bill is the latest attempt to stop a foreign company from developing one of the biggest copper mines in the U.S.
Mar. 15, 2021
cards and gambling chips
The amount of gaming money tribes give the state of Arizona has fallen in three of the last four quarters compared to the year before.
Mar. 11, 2021


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