Water is released from Tempe Town Lake
If you drive past the Salt River in town right now, you might see something surprising there: water. That’s because the Salt River Project continues to release water from its dams.
Mar. 27, 2023
wind turbine
Babbitt Ranches is known for its long tradition of raising livestock in northern Arizona and its annual colt sale. But the company will soon be known for clean energy.
Mar. 22, 2023
snow on rocks
With heavy rainfall this year and large runoff coming from huge snowpacks, Salt River Project is increasing water releases from its two Verde River reservoirs.
Mar. 22, 2023
"California Burning: The Fall of Pacific Gas & Electric — and What it Means for America’s Power Grid" by Katherine Blunt.
The safety and security of the U.S.'s energy grid have been front and center recently, as power stations have become targets of sabotage, leaving customers without power — and utilities face other challenges as well. Katherine Blunt covers renewable energy and utilities for the Wall Street Journal.
Mar. 15, 2023
Arizona Corporation Commission building
Most Arizona Corporation Commissioners say a new regulator who met with financial institutions that invest in Arizona utilities did not commit an ethics violation. But most discussion on whether the body should investigate Commissioner Kevin Thompson’s January trip to New York took place in secret.
Mar. 14, 2023
Arizona Corporation Commission building
Arizona Corporation Commissioners could vote publicly Tuesday on whether to launch an ethics investigation of a new member who used to be a lobbyist for a gas utility. Commissioner Kevin Thompson drew the complaint over his January trip to New York City for meetings with financial institutions that invest in Arizona utilities.
Mar. 10, 2023
a Dynamite Water tanker
County supervisors on Friday rejected a city proposal to resume water service at triple the cost.
Mar. 3, 2023
East Verde River
It has been a rainy winter in Arizona, so much so that SRP’s reservoir systems on the Verde River are nearly full.
Mar. 2, 2023
Arizona Corporation Commission building
A new member of the Arizona Corporation Commission, who used to be a lobbyist for a natural gas utility the body regulates, is facing an ethics complaint. A spokesman for Kevin Thompson says the commissioner is confident he did not violate any rules when he took a January trip to New York to meet with a handful of financial institutions.
Feb. 24, 2023
Lake Powell
Lake Powell, which sits on the Arizona-Utah border, is the nation's second-largest reservoir. On Tuesday its water levels dropped to an all-time low, falling past a record set last April.
Feb. 14, 2023
Gas pump
The operator of a pipeline facility in California that was forced to shut down deliveries of gasoline and diesel from the Los Angeles area east to areas including Las Vegas and Phoenix due to a leak says it resumed operations on Saturday afternoon.
Feb. 13, 2023
Sparkbox shipping container living space exterior
About 2,000 shipping containers used by former Gov. Doug Ducey to keep people out of Arizona could soon be used to house people. In late December, after the Biden administration filed a lawsuit, Ducey agreed to remove the metal containers. They had been double-stacked to fill gaps along the border in Yuma and Cochise counties. Gov. Katie Hobbs has a new idea.
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Feb. 12, 2023
SRP East Line Solar Plant
The company formerly known as Facebook has teamed up with Salt River Project on a new solar facility to power its data center in Mesa.
Feb. 6, 2023
coolidge generating station
A judge has ruled against Salt River Project’s proposed expansion of a gas-fired plant near Coolidge.
Jan. 23, 2023
Vice President Kamala Harris
Vice President Kamala Harris was in Tonopah on Thursday to help break ground for a new transmission line that will help move solar power in the Southwest.
Jan. 19, 2023
a Dynamite Water tanker
Rio Verde Foothills residents have filed an injunction against the city of Scottsdale after it shut down water delivery services to the community.
Jan. 17, 2023
Kamala Harris
On Thursday, Vice President Kamala Harris will travel to Tonopah, Arizona, to celebrate the groundbreaking of a high voltage transmission line known as the Ten West Link.
Jan. 14, 2023
SRP canal cleanup
Salt River Project will begin its annual cleanup and repair of its canals Friday. The work means that access to some areas may be closed, including Arizona Falls on Indian School Road.
Jan. 4, 2023
Patrick Krause
Salt River Project was created to help metro Phoenix farmers irrigate their crops. Today, about 24,000 people still irrigate their lawns and gardens. Hear about irrigation in the Valley and the ditch riders who make sure the system works.
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Dec. 27, 2022
solar panels
California utility regulators have approved major changes to the state’s rooftop solar market. The move could have far-reaching implications for the industry as a whole.
Dec. 19, 2022


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