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A federal judge has ruled that Arizona has continued to not comply with a lawsuit settlement in which it promised to revamp care in the state prison system.
Jul. 1, 2022
 death chamber
Arizona Republic Jimmy Jenkins was denied witnessing Frank Atwood's execution as a journalist. But he was present that day as a guest. The Show spoke with him to learn about his experience and about Arizona's executions.
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Jun. 9, 2022
Frank Atwood
An Arizona man convicted of murder in the 1984 killing of an 8-year-old girl was put to death Wednesday in the state’s second execution since officials resumed carrying out the death penalty in May following a nearly eight-year hiatus.
Jun. 8, 2022
Clarence Dixon
Death penalty experts Thursday that said the estimated 25 minutes it took medical staff to insert an IV into Clarence Dixon’s body was too long. The workers first tried and failed to insert an IV into his left arm before they were able to connect it in his right arm. They then opted to access a vein in his groin area for another IV line.
May. 14, 2022
Leslie James
An Arizona man convicted of killing college student Deana Bowdoin in 1978 is scheduled to become the first person to be executed in the state after a nearly eight-year hiatus in its use of the death penalty. Bowdoin's sister, Leslie James, said executing Dixon was justice but that the process to deliver justice took way too long.
May. 11, 2022
Arizona Department of Corrections Director Charles Ryan
The former director of the Arizona Department of Corrections has been indicted on two felony charges in connection with a January standoff at his home. But Charles Ryan is not being charged with the most severe crimes that Tempe police said he committed.
May. 6, 2022
Maricopa County court
Jewish residents have no legal right to block the state from executing inmates using the same gas that Nazis used to kill millions of Jews.
May. 6, 2022
Clarence Dixon
Next week, the state of Arizona will put Clarence Dixon to death. And last week, the state Board of Executive Clemency unanimously denied his attorneys’ appeal for a reprieve.
May. 3, 2022
Clarence Dixon
Anti-death penalty groups say they will launch pressure campaigns on Arizona’s governor and attorney general to stop the execution of Clarence Dixon scheduled for May 11.
Apr. 28, 2022
barbed wire at an arizona prison
In a new ProPublica piece, reporter Nicole Santa Cruz writes about the influence of political insider Steve Twist in keeping certain criminal justice reforms from being enacted in Arizona.
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Apr. 13, 2022
barbed wire at an arizona prison
A 2012 U.S. Supreme Court ruling says only rare and irredeemable juvenile offenders should serve their life sentence. Riley Briones Jr. was convicted nearly 30 years ago.
Apr. 11, 2022
Chris Fabricant Junk Science and the American Criminal Justice System
A new book by Chris Fabricant, director of the Innocence Project, sheds light on what he calls the broken, racist justice system in our country. It’s called, "Junk Science and the American Criminal Justice System."
Apr. 7, 2022
Clarence Dixon
The Arizona Supreme Court issued an execution warrant for a death-row prisoner in what would be the state’s first use of the death penalty in nearly eight years.
Apr. 5, 2022
Telegraph Fire
Arizona’s inaugural Healthy Forest Initiative crew begins work on Monday. The initiative, which was passed last year, created a prison labor team to clean up dry foliage that may spark wildfires.
Apr. 3, 2022
Arizona Humanities has announced the awarding of over $75,000 dollars in grants to nearly a dozen organizations in the state.
Mar. 13, 2022
Arizona Department of Corrections Director Charles Ryan
After an armed standoff at his home, charges were filed against former Arizona Department of Corrections director Charles Ryan. But he was never booked into jail, prompting concerns over special treatment.
Feb. 3, 2022
barbed wire at an arizona prison
Lawyers challenging the quality of health care in Arizona's prisons say corrections officials don’t have the capacity to improve staffing problems that have put incarcerated people with medical and mental health issues at risk of harm.
Feb. 1, 2022
State court officials say hundreds of jailed people have virtually attended their sentencing hearings by using a cart with a laptop, signature pad, fingerprint reader and printer.
Jan. 27, 2022
Lower Buckeye Jail
As the omicron variant continues to drive up case numbers in the state, Maricopa County’s jails are also experiencing a spike that’s exacerbated by a staffing shortage they’ve been experiencing for some time.
Jan. 26, 2022
KJZZ logo generic card
The facility has had to deny those arrested for some misdemeanors as it tries to provide enough space for quarantine.
Jan. 14, 2022


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