Tom Vilsack
U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says long-term federal spending will be a big part of bringing down water use on farms and ranches in the face of climate change.
Nov. 10, 2023
Irrigation water
Gov. Katie Hobbs is spicing up her water policy council with the appointment of a chile farmer, following the withdrawal of former members who accused the council of failing to consider agricultural interests.
Nov. 9, 2023
Ballot for city of Phoenix
Initial results from Tuesday’s election show support for Phoenix issuing half a billion dollars in bonds, with approval ranging from 60% to 70%.
Nov. 7, 2023
houses under construction
Desert cities around Phoenix are constantly facing questions of water supply — not just at water management agencies but also at city councils considering where to develop. That's because Arizona has one of the most powerful laws in the country linking water with the decision to build.
Nov. 6, 2023
24th Street Water Treatment Plant in Phoenix
The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality released its roadmap to provide standards for treating sewage water to directly turn it into drinking water.
Nov. 6, 2023
Purified recycled water in a flask
The Show spoke with the Arizona Republic's digital opinions editor Joanna Allhands and editorial page editor Elvia Díaz about a new "proposed roadmap for transforming recycled water into safe, reliable purified water."
Nov. 6, 2023
Colorado River winds through Horseshoe Bend
Arizona cities, tribes and other water users have agreed to conservation measures that will significantly reduce the state’s usage of Colorado River water over the next three years
Nov. 4, 2023
drop from a water faucet
More Arizona cities are planning for a future in which Colorado River water is much scarcer. Peoria has announced plans to build five new wells and a new pump station to bolster the city’s water supply.
Nov. 2, 2023
U.S. Department of Interior seal
The Department of Interior has named a Laura Daniel-Davis as its acting deputy secretary. She replaces Tommy Beaudreau, who recently resigned.
Nov. 1, 2023
Phoenix pollution
Residents in Maricopa and Pinal counties can take a survey about environmental challenges and where they get their information as part of the Maricopa Association of Governments' regional plan to reduce climate pollution.
Oct. 31, 2023
Nonstick pan
The agency says this latest call for research projects is part of a larger effort to understand the pathways different PFAS use to reach humans and animals.
Oct. 30, 2023
Naegleria fowleri trophozoites
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said a sample from Mohave County tested negative for brain-eating amoeba infection on Wednesday.
Oct. 25, 2023
downtown tucson
The Tucson City Council has approved a plan laid out by municipal authorities to secure drinking water for residents in the coming years.
Oct. 23, 2023
Colorado River near Hite, Utah
States that use water from the Colorado River are drawing nearer to an important deadline for negotiating the river’s future. A new report shows states are aiming to agree on a plan to cut back on water but still remain divided about how to share the shrinking supply.
Oct. 20, 2023
Manuel Muñoz and Amber Wutich
This month, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation announced its slate of 2023 fellows. The Show spent some time with two 2023 recipients from Arizona.
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Oct. 20, 2023
Irrigation water
Supervisors from several Arizona counties are criticizing a state senator and the head of the Arizona Farm Bureau for walking away from talks about how to deal with water quantity problems in rural areas.
Oct. 17, 2023
water system
Two key members of the Governor’s Water Policy Council have quit. They say they can’t support the way the council is pushing ahead to regulate agricultural use.
Oct. 13, 2023
Trees and plants at the wetland
Phoenix and the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management are planning a controlled burn Oct. 17 at the Tres Rios Wetlands in southwestern Phoenix.
Oct. 13, 2023
wastewater plant
Phoenix is activating a treatment plant where recycled sewage will be converted not only to graywater for irrigation, but also to drinking water. The pilot project is the latest attempt to stretch resources in the face of historic drought.
Oct. 13, 2023
Farmworkers harvesting in a field
Hallie Mahowald is chief programs officer for Western Landowners Alliance, which was one of the groups behind the research. She spoke with The Show about some of the key takeaways from the survey.
Oct. 11, 2023


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