sign for the town of Queen Creek
A precedent-setting plan to transfer water rights has set up a fight between Colorado River communities and a town in central Arizona. The proposal calls for 2,000 acre feet of Colorado River water to be transferred 260 miles away to the town of Queen Creek.
Oct. 13, 2021
Phil Boas
Even with one wet monsoon season, the extended drought affecting Arizona and the rest of the Southwest continues. That means the need to be more efficient with water use is becoming even more important.
Oct. 11, 2021
water stream
The Navigable Waters Protection Rule was a boon to some farmers and ranchers, but worried environmental groups as it significantly cut back the scope of bodies of water that were subject to federal oversight. But now, an Arizona district court is turning back the clock on the Trump administration’s new rule.
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Oct. 11, 2021
Hoover Dam
Extreme drought, heat, and lower precipitation is causing a strain on hydropower production. This could lead to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions.
Oct. 11, 2021
Mark Kelly
Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly chaired a hearing on drought in the West Wednesday. Kelly told colleagues his state is on the front lines of a megadrought.
Oct. 6, 2021
Oak Flat
An environmental consultant has issued a report on the potential water usage of a proposed copper mine in the Oak Flat area of Tonto National Forest.
Oct. 6, 2021
A storm cloud over Phoenix
Monsoon season went out with some moisture for parts of the Phoenix area on Thursday. Overall this year, the Phoenix metro region had 5.8 inches over 23 days of measurable rain. That’s the second most behind 1896 with 24 days.
Oct. 1, 2021
rain puddle
The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality is responsible for protecting the environment, but a new audit report says the agency has failed to perform many required tasks in monitoring groundwater for pollution — in some cases the neglect has been for nearly three decades.
Oct. 1, 2021
U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly announced he will chair a congressional hearing on the ongoing drought in western states, including Arizona. Kelly will chair the Subcommittee on Water and Power, part of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, on Oct. 6.
Sep. 30, 2021
A water faucet
Some Mesa water customers may experience subtle cloudiness from their taps until the first part of next year.
Sep. 26, 2021
AguaViva Colective
A group of musicians and activists known as the AguaViva Colectiva released a new song this week focused on the ongoing water crisis in an indigenous community in neighboring Sonora, Mexico.
Sep. 23, 2021
colorado river
The Bureau of Reclamation has released its five-year projection for the Colorado River, and the outlook has not improved.
Sep. 22, 2021
Environmental groups are accusing the federal government and the army of lying about how the operation of Fort Huachuca in southern Arizona is affecting the San Pedro River. They have asked a federal judge to take a second look.
Sep. 22, 2021
Colorado River
Two major California water agencies have settled a dispute that once threatened to derail a multi-state agreement to protect the Colorado River.
Sep. 21, 2021
Kate Gallego and Mark Kelly
Sen. Mark Kelly was in Tempe on Friday to discuss the Rio Reimagined project with local leaders. The senator is optimistic the project can figure into the Valley’s plans for water management.
Sep. 17, 2021
water faucet
Help is available for Phoenix residents struggling to pay their utility bills. The city is using $5 million from the federal American Rescue Plan Act to help residents financially hurt by the pandemic.
Sep. 16, 2021
California solar panels covering canal
Researchers in California have come up with an idea they say would save water by preventing evaporation: covering the state’s nearly 4,000 miles of canals with solar panels.
Sep. 13, 2021
Joe Biden
Environmentalists gathered at the state Capitol on Friday morning, urging Congress to pass President Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan as part of his budget proposal. It would allocate $3.5 trillion in spending for climate change initiatives, health care and public schools.
Sep. 10, 2021
san carlos apache reservation sign
KJZZ's Monsoon Stories 2021 has been looking at ways monsoon season is affecting our wildlife and our cities — and their potential for future growth. This time, we leave the city and head to San Carlos Reservation in eastern Arizona, where one small farm is working to produce food — and to heal its community.
Sep. 10, 2021
rams water catchment
There are around 3,000 catchments around Arizona that provide water for animals. The Arizona Game and Fish Department says last year it had to put out nearly two and a half million gallons of water into those catchments to make up for the lack of rain.
Sep. 8, 2021


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