Kate Gallego and Mark Kelly
Sen. Mark Kelly was in Tempe on Friday to discuss the Rio Reimagined project with local leaders. The senator is optimistic the project can figure into the Valley’s plans for water management.
Sep. 17, 2021
water faucet
Help is available for Phoenix residents struggling to pay their utility bills. The city is using $5 million from the federal American Rescue Plan Act to help residents financially hurt by the pandemic.
Sep. 16, 2021
California solar panels covering canal
Researchers in California have come up with an idea they say would save water by preventing evaporation: covering the state’s nearly 4,000 miles of canals with solar panels.
Sep. 13, 2021
Joe Biden
Environmentalists gathered at the state Capitol on Friday morning, urging Congress to pass President Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan as part of his budget proposal. It would allocate $3.5 trillion in spending for climate change initiatives, health care and public schools.
Sep. 10, 2021
san carlos apache reservation sign
KJZZ's Monsoon Stories 2021 has been looking at ways monsoon season is affecting our wildlife and our cities — and their potential for future growth. This time, we leave the city and head to San Carlos Reservation in eastern Arizona, where one small farm is working to produce food — and to heal its community.
Sep. 10, 2021
rams water catchment
There are around 3,000 catchments around Arizona that provide water for animals. The Arizona Game and Fish Department says last year it had to put out nearly two and a half million gallons of water into those catchments to make up for the lack of rain.
Sep. 8, 2021
Gov. Jan Brewer and  John Halikowski
One of the options for building out Interstate 11 is now off the table. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the option of running I-11 through the Lake Mead area near the Arizona state line was removed for numerous reasons, such as the potential impact on sensitive environmental resources and protected areas.
Sep. 7, 2021
The Upper Colorado River
After the federal government declared the first water shortage on the Colorado River in August, Arizona farmers have started to plan for water cutbacks which begin next year. But one proposed solution requires that everyone cut back, with financial penalties if they don't.
Sep. 5, 2021
monsoon rain
In this episode of KJZZ's Monsoon Stories, The Show dives into urban water — and how monsoon rains can help, or hurt, our city’s ability to grow in the future.
Sep. 3, 2021
A pipe spills water pumped from an underground aquifer
In his new book, "Water: A Biography," Giulio Boccaletti attempts to tell the history of water from ancient times to the present and how influential it has been — and continues to be.
Sep. 2, 2021
Changing Lake Powell levels left a floating restroom stranded on rock
The Bureau of Reclamation recently declared a water shortage on the Colorado River, but that hasn’t stopped states from proposing new water projects. Just about every drop on the Colorado River is accounted for. But climate change has reduced the amount of water in the system.
Sep. 2, 2021
water stream
A federal judge has thrown out a Trump-era rule that ended federal protections for hundreds of thousands of small streams, wetlands and other waterways and left them vulnerable to pollution from nearby development.
Sep. 1, 2021
sign for the town of Queen Creek
The Bureau of Reclamation will assess a proposal to transfer water from a farm near the Colorado River to Queen Creek. The town has spent years looking for reliable sources of water, and critics worry the plan will open the door for water speculators.
Aug. 30, 2021
So far, Monsoon 2021 hasn’t disappointed. We’ve seen dark skies, cooler temps and, yes, rain. Lots of rain. It’s eased Arizona’s ongoing drought — for the time being, at least. For the plants and animals that call the Sonoran Desert home, all that rainfall can be a double-edged sword.
More Arizona Monsoon Stories
Aug. 27, 2021
drought improvement
At the start of this year, nearly three-quarters of Arizona was in an exceptional drought, the U.S. Drought monitor’s most severe category. Now, less than 1% of the state is at that level.
Aug. 27, 2021
The south Scottsdale where storm runoff through greenbelt passes under Mckellips Road
One wet summer in Arizona is not going to be nearly enough to reverse the effects of the decades-long drought the region is facing. But there has been some incremental improvement.
Aug. 25, 2021
water faucet
Many businesses have said they’re looking at hybrid work options going forward, where employees will be able to work from home at least part of the time if they’d like. But new research found in one community, remote work led to an increase in overall water use.
Aug. 24, 2021
After two decades of drought, reservoirs on the Colorado River are depleted, and the federal government has declared a water shortage, which will trigger cutbacks. Central Arizona farmers will bear the brunt of those cutbacks.
Aug. 20, 2021
phoenix wash
In this year’s monsoon series, we’re looking at how climate change meets the monsoon, and what that could mean for our environment, growth, traditions and identity.
Aug. 20, 2021
This week, the federal government declared a Tier 1 shortage on the Colorado River for the first time in history. But the city of Phoenix says it is built for drought — and ready for that future.
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Aug. 19, 2021


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