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Tempe Elementary School District office
Tempe Elementary School District has picked new names for three schools whose current namesakes were found to have ties to a local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan.
Jun. 25, 2022
Keiko Ratcliffe, founder and CEO of Skye's the Limit foundation, makes a heart with her hands while posing in front of the mural's selfie spot. The birds behind Ratcliffe look like a butterfly's wings when she stands in front of them.
Keiko Ratcliffe is the founder of Skye’s the Limit Foundation, which provides suicide prevention and substance misuse resources for young adults. This summer, the foundation unveiled its newest project: a community mural at the top of the Arizona Center’s parking garage.
Jun. 15, 2022
Rachel Mitchell is sworn in as Maricopa County attorney
The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office is set to fire April Sponsel, the prosecutor who brought gang charges against Black Lives Matter protesters that were later dismissed. Sponsel had been with the MCAO for 18 years but has been on paid leave for more than a year.
Jun. 11, 2022
women walking in desert
Members of an Indigenous community in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, are asking tourists not to contract outside tour operators when visiting the tribe’s territory.
Jun. 8, 2022
A Coconino High School graduate has placed high in a national poetry recitation contest. After several preliminary rounds between competing presenters at local and state levels, Oscar Manuel Landa Samano placed third in the national finals of the Poetry Out Loud contest last weekend.
Jun. 7, 2022
st marys volunteers pack boxes
Nearly a thousand families lined up outside a single St. Mary’s Food Bank in Phoenix on Tuesday, and even more are expected Wednesday.
Jun. 1, 2022
The front lawn outside the Arizona State Capitol was littered with white sheets stained red on the morning of June 1, 2022. Some sheets are labeled "dead student."
Eight days after the school massacre in Uvalde, Texas, the Arizona branch of March for Our Lives protested for stricter gun control outside the state Capitol by laying nearly 300 white sheets on the lawn to represent victims of gun violence.
Jun. 1, 2022
Legislators in the Mexican state of Sinaloa unanimously approved a law this week that seeks to protect journalists and human rights activists.
May. 27, 2022
What do a Coconino High School student, a novelist and writer for the San Francisco Chronicle as well as a poet from Fountain Hills have in common? They're all part of this edition of Word, a podcast about literature in Arizona and the region hosted by KJZZ's Tom Maxedon.
May. 23, 2022
Sonoran Pandemic Impacts
According to a new report, neighboring Sonora ranked among the five least peaceful states in Mexico in 2021. And the economic costs of violence in the state are significant.
May. 19, 2022
Tempe Elementary School District office
Now, Tempe Elementary School District is requesting name suggestions for Gililland Middle School, Hudson Elementary School and the Laird School.
More Arizona education news
May. 13, 2022
Buscadoras por La Paz
Tuesday was Mother’s Day in Mexico. But many mothers in the country say it’s no longer a day to celebrate with so many of their sons, daughters and other family members missing.
May. 11, 2022
Fronteras Desk logo
The Cochise County Attorney’s Office says it won’t pursue charges of a Border Patrol Agent who fatally shot a Mexican migrant earlier this year.
May. 10, 2022
border patrol patch
A memo from Customs and Border Protection says it will stop using Critical Incident Teams, the internal Border Patrol units accused of interfering with outside investigations into agent conduct.
May. 9, 2022
Arizona Cardinals training facility
Last week, the Arizona Cardinals drafted Colorado State tight end Trey McBride in the second round despite having two two quality tight ends under contract. The reason: Cardinals management felt McBride was too good of a talent to pass up. But his pick is significant in other ways.
May. 4, 2022
Sonoran Searchers
As Mexico confronts what has been called a crisis of disappearances across the country, the lower house of Congress this week unanimously approved a measure to create a new agency to search for and identify the missing.
Apr. 27, 2022
Navajo Nation flag
Earlier this month, the Navajo Nation Council’s Health, Education and Human Services Committee voted against a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage on the largest Native American reservation in the country. The bill is far from dead, however.
Apr. 25, 2022
missing poster showing images of Debanhi Escobar
The haunting story of a young woman left on the side of a highway late at night in northern Mexico ended in tragedy Friday, after her body was found in a subterranean water tank at a motel.
Apr. 21, 2022
Arizona Corporation Commission building
Two or three decades ago, the concept of environmental justice was mostly talked about in academic circles. A recent ruling on a gas plant expansion shows the idea has entered the mainstream.
Apr. 13, 2022
Fronteras Desk logo
The United Nations Committee on Enforced Disappearances released new findings this week about the soaring number of disappearances in Mexico, saying the country has become a place where disappearances are "the perfect crime."
Apr. 13, 2022


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