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New technologies using artificial intelligence are shaking up many industries, including publishing and art. Authors and artists are questioning whether it’s a tool or cheating — and whether AI will eliminate their work.
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May. 15, 2023
Lynn Downey, author of American Dude Ranch: A Touch of the Cowboy and the Thrill of the West
The Show spoke with Lynn Downey, an archivist, historian, and author of the book "American Dude Ranch: A Touch of the Cowboy and the Thrill of the West." In it, she traces the long and storied history of the dude ranch, America’s original western vacation.
May. 11, 2023
Closed entrance
A special viewing of the 1989 movie, “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” will be held at the former Metrocenter Mall in Phoenix.
May. 10, 2023
Arizona Family Outdoor Adventure: An All-Ages Guide to Hiking, Camping, and Getting Outside book cover
In “Arizona Family Outdoor Adventure,” soon-to-be mom Chels Knorr says you can enjoy the outdoors all around the state without being athletic. Plus, you can bring your kids along, or your parents, or grandparents.
May. 10, 2023
Phoenix is getting a $700,000 grant from the Federal Communications Commission to connect more households to high-speed internet.
May. 9, 2023
Despite temperatures rising in Phoenix, Arizona Snowbowl in Flagstaff is keeping doors open through Memorial Day and providing a snowy escape from the summer heat.
May. 9, 2023
The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point. It’s the highest level in 16 years.
May. 6, 2023
Phoenix may start requiring owners of vacant properties to register with the city. A key goal is to protect neighborhoods and ensure properties are being maintained.
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May. 4, 2023
A new transit center being built at Metrocenter will be named after a longtime Phoenix council member.
May. 4, 2023
Max Miller Tasting History
Max Miller is the host of "Tasting History" on YouTube and he now has a cookbook out, aptly titled "Tasting History: The Cookbook." In it, he goes back in time to get a sense of what the past tasted like.
May. 3, 2023
Jennifer Kuller
The patio dress is an icon in Southwestern fashion history with its light cotton fabric and three-tired flowing skirt. These 1950s-style dresses or sets feature bright colors, Southwestern patterns and fancy rick-rack trim. Two Arizona designers made them popular midcentury when Southwestern tourism was booming and Western styles abounded.
Apr. 28, 2023
In January 2019, former Maryvale residents Sergio Aragon and Jesus Gutierrez began Gay Pride Apparel, a business that provides clothing and other items to members of the LGBTQ community. Now, their New York-based company will reach people across the United States and Puerto Rico thanks to a partnership with Walmart.
Apr. 23, 2023
Phoenix leaders are looking for developers to add downtown housing and meet every day retail needs.
Apr. 20, 2023
AM radio dial
Ford has announced it’ll be dropping AM radios from many of its new vehicles starting in the 2024 model year. The Show spoke with Jonathan Brewster, CEO of El Dorado Broadcasters, which owns AM stations in Yuma and California.
Apr. 20, 2023
construction worker on a roof
One month after passing a controversial wage ordinance, the Phoenix City Council has repealed it. The action came two days after two new councilmembers took their seats. The narrowly-approved ordinance would have required construction companies on certain city projects to pay prevailing wages.
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Apr. 19, 2023
A gas station at in Phoenix
Drivers across the Phoenix area are reporting shortages of regular fuel, as gas prices remain higher than normal — and higher than much of the country. According to our Patrick De Haan, this problem is specific to the Phoenix area.
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Apr. 17, 2023
Open sign business
There’s a lot of conversation about people investing in their own communities — but Michael Shuman says that’s often easier said than done.
Apr. 3, 2023
Hand tossing baseball
The Cactus League is not unlike an election. Just as one season ends, the next is right around the corner. For league executive director Bridget Binsbacher, that means teaming with Arizona State University for an economic impact study about the value of spring training to Arizona’s economy.
Mar. 31, 2023
Some small businesses in Phoenix could receive extra attention thanks to a new initiative from the mayor’s office.
Mar. 30, 2023
The former Paradise Valley Mall in northeast Phoenix will be the future site of resort-style living.
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Mar. 30, 2023


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