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congo masks at the musical instrument museum
We’ve all been talking a lot about wearing masks these days to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, a different type of mask is taking center stage: Congolese masks.
May. 14, 2021
The Arizona Commission on the Arts, an agency of the State of Arizona, on Tuesday announced the recipients of research & development grants.
May. 11, 2021
Live music in the park, a re-telling of “Alice in Wonderland,” poetry, art, literature, live performances. The artists are back, as millions of Arizonans have been vaccinated against COVID-19.
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May. 10, 2021
A light rail train traveled through downtown Mesa
After the Mesa council approved an ordinance that extended additional legal protections to the LGBTQ community, a group of citizens started collecting signatures to force a public vote to repeal that ordinance. The group filed more than 11,000 signatures. But after supporters of the ordinance alleged not enough of those signatures were valid, United for Mesa backed down.
May. 10, 2021
classroom teacher
On a party line vote in the state House of Representatives, Republicans approved a bill that would fine teachers up to $5,000 if they were to broach so-called controversial topics without providing “diverse and contending perspectives.” In a column for the Republic, Editorial Board member Elvia Diaz argued against the bill.
May. 10, 2021
rashad shabazz
Arizona lawmakers are close to passing a bill opponents say is part of a nationwide effort to ban teaching critical race theory in K-12 schools. An ASU professor explains what critical race theory is and dispels misconception.
May. 7, 2021
Warnock, Biden, Harris and Ossoff
The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis led to racial justice-related protests across the country and an increased level of political activism in big and small cities.
May. 5, 2021
Lisa Magaña Empowered: Latinos Transforming Arizona Politics
The growing power of Latino activists and voters in Arizona politics has been seen in recent elections in the state. As observers wondered whether the impact would truly emerge, people involved in movements have argued it has always been evident.
May. 4, 2021
Hugo Medina COVID-19 First Responders Mural
An Arizona researcher is teaming up with artists and advocates to help educate the Latinx community about COVID-19, using animated public service announcements and neighborhood murals to better connect with this hard-hit population.
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May. 4, 2021
Aviva Dove-Viebahn
It’s a conversation that’s coming up more and more among Black actors, writers and critics right now — that there are too many films showcasing Black people suffering, tragedies that end in despair. Aviva Dove-Viebahn says it’s all about striking a balance.
May. 3, 2021
rashad shabazz
On April 20, a Minneapolis jury found former officer Derek Chauvin guilty of all counts in the killing of George Floyd — including third degree murder and second degree unintentional murder. Even those who cheered the verdict, though, have some disagreements about what it means for progress toward racial justice in our society.
Apr. 21, 2021
Derek Chauvin
Former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin was led away in handcuffs Tuesday after a jury convicted him of killing George Floyd. Phoenix was one of many U.S. cities where protests took place last year after Floyd’s death.
WATCH: Verdict In Derek Chauvin's Murder Trial
Apr. 20, 2021
White House
President Joe Biden and Vice Kamala President Harris plan to speak following the guilty verdict in the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd.
Apr. 20, 2021
Diedrick Brackens making basket boats
Diedrick Brackens is a Los Angeles-based artist whose new show, "ark of bulrushes." is now up at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. His works include large-scale weavings depicting stark silhouettes against geometric patterns. He is also premiering his first-ever woven sculptures.
Apr. 20, 2021
rearview mirror
Daunte Wright was killed by police at a traffic stop in Minnesota last week. His mother says he was originally pulled over for an air freshener hanging from his rearview mirror. Arizona has a similar law.
Apr. 18, 2021
KJZZ logo generic card
Saturday night’s unity march in Phoenix designed to bring attention to hate crimes and racism directed against Asian-Americans and other minority groups was canceled.
Apr. 17, 2021
Last week, United Airlines announced an initiative to train 5,000 pilots by 2030 at Deer Valley Airport. United also announced their intention to diversify their flight staff to better reflect the demographics of their passengers and the American population.
Apr. 16, 2021
The Arizona Senate has passed a bill that would prohibit public schools from banning Native American students from wearing traditional tribal regalia or objects of cultural significance to their graduation ceremonies.
Apr. 13, 2021
Brock Aguilar-Hoyle
Individuals ages 19 and under make up about 16% of all COVID-19 cases reported in the state, according to Friday figures from the Arizona Department of Health Services. They account for 28 of the state’s 17,000 COVID-19 deaths.
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Apr. 9, 2021
 Somos Pequeñas
Sonoran filmmaker Fernanda Galindo’s 15-minute film "Somos Pequeñas" about two women from the Indigenous Comcaac community in Punta Chueca, Sonora, will be screened for the first time publicly starting this weekend at the Chicago Latino Film Festival.
Apr. 9, 2021


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