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Phoenix City Hall
Phoenix did not yet have its current name in June of 1865, when Black slaves were freed in Texas, months after the Confederacy had surrendered. City officials are calling out to the public to tell the history of local Juneteenth celebrations over the 150-plus years since.
Apr. 15, 2022
Joe Garcia
There are just over 200 days until the November elections. Chicanos por la Causa held a news conference Thursday to launch a multimillion-dollar campaign to get more Arizona Latinos to vote than in the last midterms.
Apr. 14, 2022
Steve Wilks
Former Arizona Cardinals head coach Steve Wilks has joined the high-profile lawsuit filed by former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores, alleging racism in the NFL’s hiring and firing practices. Wilks, who is African American, lasted only one season with the Cardinals.
Apr. 14, 2022
students at asu prep academy
ASU’s newest preparatory school, Pilgrim Rest, will open in the fall. The campus will offer unique opportunities for students of color in the historic Black neighborhood of Eastlake.
Apr. 11, 2022
students at nia crown academy
In an effort to end the school-to-prison pipeline many Black children face, Debora Colbert-Green and Janelle Wood started the Black Mothers Forum. And after the pandemic hit, they opened two microschools in the Valley to further this aim.
Apr. 11, 2022
Kate Gallego
Gallego talked about work by the police department, which is chronically short-staffed, and under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department.
Apr. 8, 2022
Person counting money
A pair of high profile incidents has once again highlighted concerns over financial-related racism. Kiana Maria Sears, president of Arizona’s East Valley NAACP, says occurrences like those aren’t rare in the financial services industry.
Mar. 31, 2022
teen sitting on a bed
Troubling trends in education, physical health and mental well-being among young people predate COVID-19. But the pandemic’s disruptions of daily routines, emotional support networks and vaccination rates have raised those concerns to crisis levels.
Mar. 22, 2022
linda pressman, author of jewish girls gone wild
Lots of Arizonans have come here from somewhere else. The reasons for those moves and the stories behind them are as varied as many of our former homes. But for one Valley author, the story was a little more wild than most.
Mar. 18, 2022
Issa Rae Insecure HBO
Having more outlets for new dramas and comedies has led to more diversity, as a growing number of actors and performers of color are seen regularly. But advocates say further steps are needed both in front of — and behind — the camera.
Mar. 15, 2022
Arizona Humanities has announced the awarding of over $75,000 dollars in grants to nearly a dozen organizations in the state.
Mar. 13, 2022
Census online response
The 2020 U.S. census count missed Blacks, Latinos and Native Americans at a higher rate than their white counterparts, officials admit. Considering the overall count was off by less than a quarter of a percentage point, the difference in who was missed was stark.
Mar. 10, 2022
Two local nonprofit organizations will receive nearly a million dollars over the next four years to help prevent the spread of HIV among younger Latino men.
Mar. 9, 2022
Incoming NAU President José Luis Cruz
Northern Arizona University President José Luis Cruz Rivera called for more funds to be invested in institutions that provide higher education for communities of color.
Mar. 2, 2022
voter ID card
A long list of voting and election-related bills are still being considered by state lawmakers, and some — especially by those on the left side of the political aisle — are being called discriminatory.
Feb. 28, 2022
Jessica Salow
The history of Black people in Arizona has rarely, if ever, received the level of attention and scholarship as that of whites or Latinos. That included, until very recently, the libraries of Arizona State University.
Feb. 23, 2022
Papago Park
Language changes all the time, but the Tohono O’odham have long rejected a term that’s ubiquitous here in the Valley: Papago. That name, the story goes, was given to the Tohono O’odham by Spanish settlers.
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Feb. 22, 2022
kelly mcwilliams
A new young adult novel explores life in the Jim Crow South and the different experiences even twins could have when their skin tones differ.
Feb. 17, 2022
U.S. Military Academy cadets
The U.S. military has faced growing challenges, but many of those are occurring internally rather than with external adversaries. And one of those challenges involves diversity.
Feb. 16, 2022
Lalo Alcaraz COVID-19 vaccine cartoon
Editorial cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz has been working to battle COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in the Latino community. So far, he's made 15 cartoons and an animation. The Show spoke with him to learn about the projects.
Feb. 15, 2022


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