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Reginald Bolding
On Memorial Day, Dion Johnson, an African American man, was fatally shot by a DPS trooper. Johnson’s death, along with that of George Floyd in Minneapolis and others, has been the impetus behind many of the protests that have taken place in Phoenix and nationwide since May 25. It’s also one of the reasons legislative Democrats have called for a special session, to take up several police reform measures.
Jun. 4, 2020
A protest sign that says "Being Black Isn't A Choice, Wearing A Badge Is"
Mayors across the nation have issued emergency curfews in response to protests. For a look at how they are working, The Show spoke with NPR’s Brakkton Booker who has been covering the protests from Washington, D.C.
Jun. 3, 2020
ICE agent badge
Among those who’ve been arrested during the recent protests in response to the killing of George Floyd are Arizonans who are DACA recipients, and those who are undocumented. Those arrests bring their own set of complications.
Jun. 3, 2020
Protesters and Phoenix police officers during a protest.
As police departments across Arizona and around the country respond to protests, questions have arisen about the best ways for law enforcement to do so. The Show spoke with Ed Maguire, a professor of criminology and criminal justice at ASU and the associate director of the Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety.
Jun. 3, 2020
Chief Jeri Williams
On the night of June 2, thousands of people peacefully protested around the Valley, calling for an end to police violence against people of color. Jeri Williams is the Phoenix police chief, a law enforcement veteran, an African American and a mom. The Show spoke with her about her reaction to George Floyd's death.
Jun. 3, 2020
Protesters on First Avenue
Thousands of people participated in peaceful protests in Phoenix on Tuesday night against the death of George Floyd while in custody of Minneapolis police. On the sixth day of protests, a group led by local church leaders held a prayer session outside the state Capitol.
Jun. 3, 2020
Sal DiCiccio
Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio said he was impressed by police officers taking a knee with protesters Monday night. Protests remained peaceful and no arrests were made after the fifth consecutive day of demonstrations.
Jun. 2, 2020
Phoenix protester tear gas
Many local protesters have been released from custody after being arrested without probable cause over the weekend. Over 100 demonstrators were arrested during protests Saturday night in Phoenix.
Jun. 2, 2020
Protesters and Phoenix police officers during a protest.
The Arizona National Guard has called up about 900 soldiers to help the state deal with protests after Gov. Doug Ducey declared a statewide 8 p.m.-5 a.m. curfew.
Jun. 2, 2020
The Upward Projects Restaurant Group, which is made up of the Postino, Windsor, Churn, Joyride Taco House and Federal Pizza eateries, joined in on the #BlackoutTuesday movement and closed its restaurants Tuesday in support.
Jun. 2, 2020
Lois Brown and Rashad Shabazz
The Show's Points of View series presents different points of view from the community in roundtable form. Two African American scholars are watching the protests against police violence unfold this week in Arizona and across the country.
Jun. 2, 2020
Phil Boas
The coronavirus pandemic has been dominating the headlines and our lives for months. But that changed to some extent last week when the death of unarmed black man George Floyd while in police custody was captured on video.
Jun. 1, 2020
Greg Moore
Following the May 25 death of George Floyd while in police custody, the United States and even other countries have been beset by waves of unrest. The Show asked Greg Moore, a columnist for the Arizona Republic, to record a commentary reflecting on the death of George Floyd and the unrest the world has seen since.
Jun. 1, 2020
Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane
Mayor Jim Lane estimated Scottsdale retailers and restaurant owners lost millions of dollars to damages and theft at multiple businesses like P.F. Changs, the Apple Store and Neiman Marcus.
Jun. 1, 2020
"George Floyd" graffiti on a wall outside the Sandra Day O'Connor Federal Courthouse.
A Phoenix-based public interest group has joined a chorus of people worldwide who are denouncing the alleged killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police.
May. 31, 2020
The crowd of demonstrators marches down 6th Avenue in Phoenix.
For most of Sunday night, downtown Phoenix protests remained peaceful, with activists giving speeches to the crowd. Earlier in the day, Gov. Doug Ducey declared a statewide emergency and an 8 p.m. curfew in effect for one week. Police arrested some protesters who remained downtown past the curfew.
Ducey Says Local Leaders Requested Curfew, But Who Are They?
May. 30, 2020
Phoenix George Floyd Protest
Hundreds of protesters gathered in Phoenix last night to demonstrate against the death of unarmed 46-year-old George Floyd in Minneapolis.
May. 29, 2020


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