Monsoon Stories

Monsoon clouds
Arizona's monsoon storms are an unpredictable weather phenomenon unique to the desert Southwest. Matt Pace, former TV news meteorologist, now with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, tells The Show how the storms develop.
Jul. 12, 2019
Monsoon Stories
We're bringing our series "Monsoon Stories" back this summer — and we'd like to hear from you! This time around, we're telling stories about how the monsoon tickles our five senses — how they look, feel, sound, smell and even taste. Call 480-774-8299 to leave us a voicemail about your experiences.
Jul. 11, 2019
monsoon stories cover
Monsoon season in the Valley is coming to a close, mornings are starting to cool off and the air feels bone dry again. Throughout this series, we’ve heard from an artist, a photographer, a pair of architects, a ranger, a few scientists and, of course, from you.
Sep. 7, 2018
rainy sidewalk during a monsoon
The monsoon storms in the Valley bring walls of dust then sheets of rain. And then comes the smell. It’s like the whole desert takes a deep breath and opens up. The distinct smell of creosote fills the air.
Aug. 29, 2018
rainy sidewalk during a monsoon
The monsoon has been a muse for many — shifting, changing, sometimes teasing us with just a sprinkle, sometimes impossible to tune out. As part of our monsoon series, we’ve heard from a painter, a photographer, and a pair of architects. Today it's about words.
Aug. 17, 2018
When a monsoon storm rolls through, there are really two ways to enjoy the spectacle: From inside, looking out — or right smack in the middle. Today, as part of our monsoon series, The Show took visit to the animal kingdom.
Aug. 9, 2018
Red Rocks
Claire and Cavin Costello are the owners of the Ranch Mine, an architecture firm in Phoenix. Named for the pioneer spirit they found when they first drove around the state, the architects behind Ranch Mine say there are two things you think about when you design in the desert Southwest.
Aug. 3, 2018
monsoon graphic
As part of our ongoing series exploring the memories, emotions and perspectives the monsoon invokes in Arizonans, we hear from Ty Karlovetz, a park ranger at Grand Canyon National Park.
Jul. 30, 2018
Artist Laura Thurbon
Every year the monsoon season stirs up the desert, and this year, The Show is starting a series about the monsoon to talk about how it stirs us all up, too. Meet a couple of people who take monsoon and make something out of it.
Jul. 26, 2018


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