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The Show spoke with Eddie Celaya, cannabis writer for the Arizona Daily Star and host of the Here Weed Go podcast, about potential cannabis cafes in California.
Sep. 19, 2023
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The largest marijuana retailer in Arizona wants a jury trial to decide if the company was scammed by former employees and suppliers. Trulieve Cannabis Corporation, aka Harvest, has filed a lawsuit alleging civil racketeering and fraud were part of a kickback scheme planned years ago.
Sep. 13, 2023
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TV and radio stations in Arizona are monitoring a new recommendation from the Department of Health and Human Services that begins a process that could lead to cannabis advertising on the air.
Aug. 31, 2023
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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is recommending easing federal marijuana restrictions. The Show spoke with Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell about how this shift could change the legal landscape here in Arizona.
Aug. 31, 2023
In a statement, the department said follow-up testing of Cloud 9 grape-flavored gummies showed they were free of contaminants. It added that this specific product is safe for consumption, and no illnesses have been reported.
Aug. 8, 2023
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There are 26 social equity licenses available in Arizona, aimed helping communities impacted by harsh marijuana laws. But a new investigation shows many of those licenses are owned by corporate dispensaries instead.
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Aug. 2, 2023
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Several Arizona marijuana dispensaries are recalling certain products due to possible Aspergillus contamination. The fungus can cause reactions ranging from cold-like symptoms to fevers and chest pain, among others.
Jul. 25, 2023
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Healthcare data tie the coronavirus pandemic to increased substance use among young people. That includes cannabis. But a new CDC reports also shows that emergency department visits related to cannabis began ramping up years before COVID.
Jul. 13, 2023
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The SAFE Banking Act would protect banks and credit unions from being penalized for working with cannabis businesses licensed in states. Many banks won’t work with dispensaries and others in the industry because marijuana is still illegal under federal law.
Jun. 22, 2023
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In the 1950s, a master-planned community was built near the Pinal and Pima county line in southeast Arizona just for copper workers and their families. San Manuel saw its mine close decades ago. Now marijuana growers are trying to make it a company town once more.
Jun. 21, 2023
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The state Court of Appeals has opened the door for people convicted of selling small amounts of marijuana to qualify for clearing their records.
Jun. 1, 2023
Ricky Williams
Marijuana use got Ricky Williams repeatedly suspended from the NFL. An immense talent, he was laughed at and called a bum. This year on 4/20, Williams promoted his cannabis brand at a yoga event. And soon active NBA players might be able to join in.
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May. 2, 2023
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Authors of a 2020 ballot measure that legalized recreational marijuana for adults in Arizona specified that a cut of the revenue go to local police and fire agencies. Gov. Katie Hobbs recently signed a bill which more clearly defines state law on how the money gets divided among those eligible.
Apr. 14, 2023
However, Mexico's equivalent of the FDA said it was forced to grant the authorization by a court order, and intends to reverse the authorization in court.
Mar. 10, 2023
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Marijuana patients living in six Arizona counties have to travel outside them to shop at a medical dispensary. The Arizona Department of Health Services plans to issue a half-dozen licenses on Friday.
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Mar. 9, 2023
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Last year saw an increase in the number of pediatric poison control cases tied to cannabis-related products. Out of 739 total cannabis incidents, 394 involved children — and 60% of those cases involved a trip to the hospital.
Mar. 1, 2023
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Since getting his permit, Miguel Haro has been hearing from other people looking for help to get theirs.
Jan. 23, 2023
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The Banner Poison and Drug Information Center in Phoenix has seen a dramatic increase in calls for young children ingesting marijuana edibles.
Jan. 12, 2023
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The growing legalization of cannabis in the U.S. is shifting organized crime groups in Mexico to synthetic drugs like methamphetamine.
Dec. 7, 2022
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The average age of menopause is 51. But perimenopause is that chapter when a person’s body starts transitioning to menopause. And with it can come physical and emotional symptoms that can last for years. Now, some women are looking to cannabis to treat those symptoms.
Nov. 29, 2022


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