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The Department of Justice is partnering with the Colorado River Indian Tribes, known as CRIT, aims to help prosecute domestic violence and sexual assaults that take place on tribal land.
Nov. 3, 2023
Some Phoenix leaders are pushing for more security along the city’s light rail line. Valley Metro is responsible for light rail operations and uses private security to enforce code of conduct and inspect fares.
Nov. 2, 2023
gavel in a courtroom
A new indictment charges the operator of four so-called sober living homes in Phoenix with crimes related to patient brokering. It alleges he offered to provide patients to an AHCCCS funded facility and instead housed them in four unlicensed sober living homes throughout the Valley.
Nov. 2, 2023
Grand Canyon University
Amid the announcement of a roughly $38 million fine this week by the Education Department, GCU revealed in October that its education services provider is under review by the Federal Trade Commission.
Nov. 2, 2023
Phoenix leaders held a ceremony Thursday to kick off renovations for the future police headquarters at the former Wells Fargo tower Central Avenue and Washington Street. The first employees are expected to move in during summer 2024.
Nov. 2, 2023
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The Pima County Sheriff's Department is unveiling a new program to help those with developmental disabilities who wander off or get lost, be reunited with their caregivers and loved ones.
Nov. 2, 2023
Phoenix police
The Phoenix City Council is agreeing to pay millions of dollars to the family of a former Somali refugee fatally shot by police. A federal lawsuit filed by the family of Ali Osman alleged that Phoenix systematically failed to train, supervise and manage its Police Department.
Nov. 1, 2023
Phoenix FBI building
Homicide rates spiked across the nation during the pandemic. But the FBI’s latest Crime in the Nation report indicates that overall, both violent and property crimes are on the decline. But how does Arizona compare?
Oct. 31, 2023
The U.S. Capitol
Now that House Republicans have chosen a speaker, Congress is getting back to deciding on legislation and government funding. That includes a multibillion-dollar request from President Joe Biden to fund various border security efforts.
Oct. 30, 2023
Parking garage camera
The city of Peoria is in the early stages of designing its Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC) with the goal to have investigators and police officers respond faster to crime and emergencies.
Oct. 30, 2023
Construction on the Rio Grande Valley Levee Border Wall System 8 Mile Project in January 2020
The Texas House passed sweeping immigration-enforcement legislation late last week that echoes Arizona’s own controversial immigration measure of more than a decade ago, SB 1070.
Oct. 30, 2023
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A vehicle crash involving a wrong-way driver and a recreational vehicle on the Loop 101 in Peoria Sunday morning left one person dead and two people injured. The Arizona Department of Public Safety says calls came in about a head-on collision involving a band touring bus and truck in the early morning hours.
Oct. 29, 2023
A federal judge in Arizona on Monday gave a Florida man 2-and-a-half years in prison for conspiring to commit computer fraud and steal cryptocurrency.
Oct. 27, 2023
Cochise County
Sheriff’s deputies from counties across Arizona are being sent to Cochise County to crack down on drug and human trafficking at the U.S.-Mexico border. The participating sheriffs said they want to stop crime before it can reach their counties.
Oct. 27, 2023
Planned parenthood
In December, Arizona’s Supreme Court will consider whether abortion can remain legal up to 15 weeks in the state, or if a near-total ban should take effect. Now, Planned Parenthood Arizona is formally requesting one of the justices be removed from the case.
Oct. 26, 2023
Members of the Arizona Department of Education's school safety task force meet in Phoenix on Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2023.
Earlier this month, the Arizona Department of Education announced that it’s working with a company called Off Duty Management to connect off-duty cops with schools that need on-campus officers.
Oct. 26, 2023
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Gov. Katie Hobbs is directing $5 million toward the state’s legal aid services and is also raising the income cap to expand who qualifies for help.
Oct. 24, 2023
Nikola Motors headquarters in Phoenix.
Nikola Corp. has been awarded $165 million in an arbitration proceeding with its founder and former executive chairman, according to a regulatory filing.
Oct. 24, 2023
Chelsea Grimm
Chelsea Grimm had been traveling across the country to attend a wedding when she made a stop. The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office said earlier this month that she was last seen Sept. 28 in Williams. Grimm was reported missing Oct. 4.
Oct. 21, 2023
Ann Scheel stands behind a podium and holds a microphone. She is speaking in the cafeteria of Frank Elementary School. She is wearing glasses, a blazer, black pants and black top. One hand is in her pocket.
A 2008 class-action lawsuit against the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office lasted through former Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s term and now, through successor Paul Penzone’s.
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Oct. 20, 2023


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