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Taser nonlethal drone rendering
Taser developer Axon said this week it is working to build drones armed with the electric stunning weapons that could fly in schools and “help prevent the next Uvalde, Sandy Hook, or Columbine.” But its own technology advisers quickly panned the idea as a dangerous fantasy.
Jun. 7, 2022
Phoenix police sign
A pilot program designed to reduce lethal force encounters could be expanded to the entire Phoenix Police Department.
Jun. 6, 2022
Frank Atwood
A federal judge has denied an Arizona prisoner’s bid to delay his execution in the 1984 killing of an 8-year-old girl, according to the ruling posted Sunday.
Jun. 5, 2022
Mesa police vehicle
After a shooting left one dead and eight injured in Sunnyslope early Saturday morning, another shooting took place early Sunday at a nightclub in Mesa. The Mesa shooting left two dead and two injured, according to police.
Jun. 5, 2022
police car
Police say nine people were shot at a gathering in central Phoenix early Saturday morning, leaving one woman dead and two victims with life-threatening injuries.
Jun. 4, 2022
ballot instructions
An Arizona woman indicted in 2020 on accusations of illegally collecting ballots apparently ran a sophisticated operation using her status as a well-known Democratic operative in the border city of San Luis to persuade voters to let her gather and in some cases fill out their ballots, according to records obtained by the Associated Press.
Jun. 2, 2022
Packages containing 40 pounds of fentanyl
Elected officials in Arizona and around the country have said migrants crossing the border are to blame for the rise in fentanyl — and insist lifting pandemic-era restrictions on asylum will make it worse. But data tells a much different story.
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Jun. 1, 2022
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The U.S. will begin having asylum officers from Citizenship and Immigration Services interview migrants who are trying to apply for protection in the U.S., part of a rule change proposed by the Biden administration in April.
May. 27, 2022
black dog in a kennel
The Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson says it’s out of space for incoming dogs. In a press release, the animal shelter says it has struggled with capacity issues for a long time.
May. 27, 2022
a large pile of catalytic converters
Phoenix police said Friday they have arrested a man in connection with the theft of more than 1,200 catalytic converters found in a storage unit.
May. 27, 2022
A Chandler police SUV.
The interim Maricopa County attorney won’t prosecute a Chandler police officer who killed an armed teenager by shooting him in the back.
May. 26, 2022
Phoenix City Council chambers
On Wednesday, the Phoenix City Council is expected to approve two police settlements.
May. 24, 2022
Researchers have completed a study of body-camera use by Phoenix police. The study looked at more than 146,000 police-citizen incidents.
May. 19, 2022
Mesa Police Department headquarters.
Mesa police have a new online portal for people to submit complaints or compliments about officer behavior to internal affairs.
May. 18, 2022
border patrol sign
New data from Customs and Border Protection shows border officers encountered migrants more than 234,000 times in April. Data shows made less arrests between ports, more encounters overall and a similarly high instance of repeat crossings.
May. 18, 2022
Later this month, the Phoenix Police Department should place its first order for unmanned aircraft systems, commonly called drones. But some city leaders are questioning how the technology will be used.
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May. 11, 2022
border fence between Tijuana and California
A suit brought by Arizona, Texas and a host of non-border states could keep Title 42 in place for months to come. A new motion filed by an asylum-seeking family aims to end it in other border states.
May. 11, 2022
Leslie James
An Arizona man convicted of killing college student Deana Bowdoin in 1978 is scheduled to become the first person to be executed in the state after a nearly eight-year hiatus in its use of the death penalty. Bowdoin's sister, Leslie James, said executing Dixon was justice but that the process to deliver justice took way too long.
May. 11, 2022
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The Cochise County Attorney’s Office says it won’t pursue charges of a Border Patrol Agent who fatally shot a Mexican migrant earlier this year.
May. 10, 2022
Lake Mead
Lower levels at Lake Mead have sent water managers scrambling to assess Southwestern water and energy needs. But the falling reservoir is also revealing some surprises. Earlier this month, boaters at Lake Mead discovered a barrel with human remains.
May. 10, 2022


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