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Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador
Mexico’s National Guard has been used not only as a police force, but to undertake migration control, staff ports and carry out infrastructure projects. Now, with approval from the Senate, the civilian-led law enforcement body will be handed over to the Army.
Sep. 9, 2022
Rachel Mitchell
Maricopa County’s interim top prosecutor recently moved to require prison time in plea offers made to people accused of using a gun while committing a felony.
Sep. 8, 2022
judge's gavel
The interim Maricopa County attorney is forecasting a significant reduction in the number of unfilled prosecutor jobs.
Sep. 8, 2022
Hermosillio, Sonora
Two workers with Mexico’s electricity commission were killed in an armed attack in Sonora this week.
Sep. 8, 2022
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Mexico’s Senate is considering a controversial plan to put the Defense Ministry in control of the civilian-led National Guard.
Sep. 8, 2022
phoenix police helicopter in the air
The Phoenix City Council approved spending $18 million on a specialized helicopter, along with training for pilots and mechanics.
Sep. 8, 2022
police crime scene tape
A lawsuit filed by the ACLU and some local media outlets is challenging the constitutionality of a new Arizona law, which prevents people from filming police within 8 feet of the officer.
Sep. 7, 2022
Mark Brnovich
Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich will not be defending a legal challenge against a new law that makes it a crime to be within 8 feet of police activity while taking videos.
Sep. 5, 2022
Tempe Town Lake
On Thursday, the city of Tempe enforced a trespassing ban on homeless individuals living outside near Tempe Town Lake. The move follows an outreach to provide unsheltered individuals with housing, services and resources. Paul Bentley is the deputy human services director for Tempe.
Sep. 2, 2022
The Maricopa County Attorney’s office is updating its policy on addressing felonies where firearms were used. The policy was changed so that a prison sentence would be required in any plea offer if a firearm was used in the commission of a crime.
Sep. 2, 2022
Michael Sullivan
The Phoenix City Council approved a one-year contract for an interim police chief to begin Sept. 12. Michael Sullivan will replace retiring Chief Jeri Williams. In Baltimore, Sullivan led police reform efforts following a federal investigation and he will lead Phoenix through an open Department of Justice investigation into use of force, retaliation and discriminatory policing.
Aug. 31, 2022
scam call illustration
The watchdog for the Department of Homeland Security issued a warning this week, urging members of the public to be on the lookout for scam calls from fake immigration officers.
Aug. 30, 2022
car crash
Traffic deaths surged from 2019 to 2021 in Arizona and across the U.S. While that trend continues nationwide, a new report shows traffic fatalities in the state have fallen by 31% in the first quarter of 2022.
Aug. 30, 2022
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Authorities say a former Tucson police officer fired after a fatal shooting last year in which he allegedly shot an armed shoplifting suspect in a motorized wheelchair nine times has been indicted for manslaughter.
Aug. 26, 2022
cbp badge
A letter sent to Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Chris Magnus this week expresses greater urgency over alleged treatment of migrants at the border. Border Patrol agents in Arizona are accused of confiscating religious materials and other belongings.
Aug. 25, 2022
James Holeman maps out the day's trek with Jasdeep Singh
The United Nations logged more than 700 deaths along the U.S.-Mexico border last year — the highest annual number since the agency began recording in 2014. The agency says year is on pace to meet that record or exceed it. This is a look into one migrant’s tragic death in Arizona — and the effort to find him.
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Aug. 24, 2022
police crime scene
A controversial Arizona law restricting how the public can film police is facing its first legal challenge with a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union.
Aug. 23, 2022
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The search for 29-year-old Jetal Agnihotri began on Friday after high waters tore through the park during a heavy monsoon storm. She was one of several hikers in the park when the storm hit but was the only one reported missing by Friday evening.
Aug. 23, 2022
Tempe Town Lake
After three police officers stood by as a man drowned in Tempe Town Lake last May, city officials announced that all Tempe police officers will now carry water rescue bags.
Aug. 20, 2022
Border Patrol Car
Customs and Border Protection says internal Border Patrol units that have been part of investigations into agent conduct after a use-of-force incident, like a shooting.
Aug. 17, 2022


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