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Four people suspected of human smuggling are in custody after raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Border Patrol on Thursday morning at two locations south of downtown Phoenix.
Apr. 22, 2021
Migrants wait outside KBI
Many people were hopeful that President Biden would quickly undo Trump-era policies that cut off access to asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border. But nearly 100 days into his presidency, that protection remains elusive for most.
Biden's 100-Day Plan: The Impact On Arizona
Apr. 22, 2021
Biden and Harris
The new president established a list of priorities for his administration to achieve by his 100th day in office. The week of April 26, a new KJZZ series looks at how those policies play out for Arizona.
Apr. 22, 2021
Doug Ducey Rick Scott Arizona border
Gov. Doug Ducey said he is sending the Arizona National Guard to the border. Citing more than 170,000 apprehensions at the Southwest border last month, Ducey said the Border Patrol is overwhelmed while local law enforcement, mayors and nonprofit businesses are calling out for help.
Apr. 20, 2021
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More bodies of undocumented immigrants who died trying to cross through Arizona were recovered from the desert even as apprehensions dropped, a new study by the University of Arizona has found.
Apr. 19, 2021
Mexico’s president has a plan to try to stop climate change and Central American migration simultaneously. And to make it happen, he wants support from the United States.
Apr. 19, 2021
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey
Gov. Doug Ducey called out federal authorities Friday for not picking up undocumented people on the side of a metro Phoenix highway.
Apr. 16, 2021
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More information is emerging about a tent like facility that the U.S. Border Patrol is planning to erect in Tucson to house asylum seekers. Mayor Regina Romero says details have been sparse.
Apr. 14, 2021
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A government contract that gives certain migrant families hotel rooms in Arizona was driven by a change in the demographics of who comes to the U.S.-Mexico border.
Apr. 13, 2021
Mark Brnovich
Arizona's top state prosecutor sued the Biden administration Monday over what he calls “environmentally disruptive” decisions to halt border wall construction and change immigration policies.
Apr. 13, 2021
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A tent-like facility to house migrants will go up near the Tucson International Airport in the coming weeks, according to a Tucson Border Patrol official. The facility will be located between the airport and Interstate 10, and is scheduled to be completed by the beginning of May.
Apr. 10, 2021
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey says he’s prepared to send the Arizona National Guard to the border to deal with an increasing number of migrants trying to cross, even if it means at the state’s expense.
Apr. 9, 2021
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Federal authorities are expecting so many migrant families to seek asylum at the U.S. border this year that they’ve contracted with a Texas-based group to help house them.
Apr. 7, 2021
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Migrant apprehensions at the U.S.-Mexico border are surging again, and Mexican nationals are accounting for a greater share of those detentions.
Apr. 5, 2021
Phil Boas
Generally, U.S. immigration policy has become one area without much hope of finding bipartisan compromise. A new column by the Republic’s Editorial Board argues the U.S. Senate should at least take action when it comes to farmworkers and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients.
Apr. 5, 2021
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In 2019, a mass shooter at an El Paso Walmart specifically targeted Latinos, sending shock waves throughout the continent. As part of its response, the Mexican government launched a project to empower its citizens and Hispanics across North America through language. The project has now turned into an institute.
Apr. 2, 2021
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A 29-year-old man from Guatemala died in custody Saturday after being apprehended by the U.S. Border Patrol in Casa Grande. The man was apprehended on the evening of March 25 and started to show signs of distress the next morning at the Tucson Coordination Center.
Mar. 28, 2021
High-ranking officials from the Biden administration visited Mexico this week to discuss cooperation on immigration issues. The visit comes amid negotiations between the two nations on the pandemic and the constant flow of migrants from Central America.
Mar. 25, 2021
Migrants arrive to the Monterrey International Airport
Like the U.S., Mexico is reporting an influx of migrants coming from the south. And according to the Mexican government, some of the migrants are now trying to use elaborate schemes to enter the country, including forged documents and commercial flights.
Mar. 22, 2021
The U.S. government says the traffic of migrants coming from Central America toward the U.S.-Mexico border continues to intensify. And Mexico says it is strengthening its immigration operations across the country to confront the issue.
Mar. 22, 2021


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