Darian Benitez Sanchez holds up a Harvard University sweater
It’s been 15 years since Arizona voters passed a policy that bars undocumented students from qualifying for in-state college tuition rates. It’s led some of these students to leave the state to chase their college dreams.
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Aug. 30, 2021
Afghan refugees arrive in Mexico
Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban takeover started arriving in Mexico this week. The country has been able to speed up the usually arduous asylum process in order to offer humanitarian assistance.
Aug. 25, 2021
Migrant Trail San Luis Rio Colorado
The U.S. Supreme Court allowed a controversial asylum policy borne under former President Donald Trump to revive Aug. 24. It forces the Biden administration to comply with a Texas court's rule.
Aug. 25, 2021
Immigration Visa application
An immigration attorney from a Scottsdale firm is helping an Afghan interpreter nicknamed “Zabi” get a visa to come to the U.S.
Aug. 23, 2021
Migrants wait outside KBI
The so-called “surge” in migrants at our southern border was once again in the headlines in recent weeks as Border Patrol agents made an estimated 210,000 apprehensions along the southern border in July. At the same time, we’re seeing the Biden administration step up its enforcement efforts to try to stem the tide.
Aug. 23, 2021
Doug Ducey
Gov. Doug Ducey and Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers say they welcome Afghan refugees to the U.S. and the state.
Aug. 20, 2021
Mexico Foreign Affairs Secretary Marcelo Ebrard
The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan has raised concerns about a humanitarian crisis in the country as large numbers of people try to flee. In response, Mexico says it will begin accepting Afghan refugees.
Aug. 18, 2021
Rodney Scott
The chief of the U.S. Border Patrol announced he is retiring at the end of the week. Rodney Scott was favored by former President Donald Trump and showed a lot of support for Trump’s border wall.
Aug. 12, 2021
border patrol patch
The Biden administration is stepping up enforcement at the southern border — implementing policies aimed at ramping up deportations and prosecutions of migrants who are crossing the border at a time of year when the journey can be deadly.
Aug. 12, 2021
migrants detained at the border
The Trump administration was heavily focused on immigration policy. Progressives and immigration activists have been impatiently waiting for the Biden administration to reverse some of those policies.
Aug. 6, 2021
A temporary processing facility
The Biden administration has resumed Title 42, part of a public health act that was enacted under the Trump administration at the beginning of the pandemic.
Aug. 6, 2021
New border fence
The United Nations UNESCO committee is calling on the Biden administration to work with Mexico to repair damage done to the Sonoran Desert where that country’s border meets with protected Arizona land.
Jul. 23, 2021
Border Wait Nogales
The U.S. is continuing to keep its borders closed to non-essential travelers from Canada and Mexico for a 16th month citing the surging delta variant.
Jul. 21, 2021
All told, the DeConcini Port of Entry in Nogales is about 600 meters long. On a slow day, it might take a U.S. citizen half an hour to cross. But for migrants part of the Title 42 exemption program, the process will last hours. And they wait weeks to finally make the trip.
Jul. 19, 2021
Title 42 was enacted under Trump during the pandemic. It allows border officers to send migrants back into Mexico on public health grounds. The Biden administration is facing growing pressure from immigrant rights advocates to end the policy completely.
Jul. 18, 2021
Border wall
A large number of people have died trying to enter the U.S. from Mexico through Arizona. Rescue groups have reported finding the bodies of deceased migrants in increasing numbers.
Jul. 15, 2021
pregnant woman
Pregnant women were usually exempt from ICE detention under former President Barack Obama. Donald Trump reversed that policy in 2017, and ICE detained more than 2,000 pregnant women the following year — according to a watchdog report.
Jul. 13, 2021
Arizona Border Crossings
The Biden administration is in the midst of deciding when to reopen the Southern border for nonessential travel, which has been off-limits thanks to the Trump administration’s invoking of Title 42 near the beginning of the pandemic in the spring of 2020.
Jul. 8, 2021
Mark Brnovich
A federal judge has slapped down a bid by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to get the federal government to take custody of, and deport, within 90 days more people who are in the United States illegally.
Jul. 6, 2021
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement badge
A new report by Physicians for Human Rights and the ACLU alleges hunger strikers in Immigration and Customs Enforcement facilities were subject to involuntary medical procedures including force-feeding.
Jun. 28, 2021


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