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Mexico’s president announced this week that the country will begin offering temporary work permits to people from Central America. They are meant to help speed up work on controversial infrastructure projects.
May. 25, 2023
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DNA collection by U.S. Customs and Border Protection has rapidly increased since the final year of the Trump administration. A new report from Congress’s watchdog says last fiscal year DNA samples were taken from about 634,000 people.
May. 25, 2023
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The Show spoke about where the immigration system is now after the end of Title 42 with Samuel Cole, an immigration judge in Chicago and executive vice president of the National Association of Immigration Judges.
May. 22, 2023
Luis Cresencio Sandoval
This week, Mexican officials announced that dozens of migrants who had been kidnapped in northern Mexico have been rescued. Migrants making their way to the U.S.-Mexico border are frequent victims of robbery, assault and other crimes.
May. 19, 2023
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A new report from Syracuse University research group Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, or TRAC, shows a significant rise in a type of lawsuit generally filed by immigrants whose applications for things like visas and work permits on stuck in long backlogs at USCIS.
May. 18, 2023
"DACA is not enough" sign
A case that could end the Obama-era DACA program is headed back to court next month. The program has given hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as kids protection from deportation and a work permit.
May. 18, 2023
Beth Strano International Rescue Committee Welcome Center
Even before the end of Title 42, tens of thousands of migrants came right here to Phoenix — to a place called the Welcome Center. The Show took tour as uncertainty reigned about what would come next and who would be able to make it here going forward.
May. 18, 2023
Port of Nogales entry on the morning on May 12, 2023
At the Nogales port of entry on Thursday, those years were paved by protests against the policy — like in 2021, when migrants stood in line for hours with other travelers, vaccine cards in hand, only to be turned away
May. 12, 2023
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Mexico’s immigration agency says it is temporarily closing 33 migrant detention centers throughout the country after a fire killed 40 migrants in government custody in March.
May. 11, 2023
A child hugs his mother as she sings during a demonstration
Title 42 expulsions are ending. But Mexico has agreed to continue accepting migrants from Central America, Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela being sent back from the U.S. Many worry that and other policies will continue putting migrants at risk.
May. 10, 2023
Child asylum seeker holding teddy bear
The new rule, published to the Federal Register this morning, requires asylum seekers to ask for protection in a different country before doing so in the U.S., or use the CBP One app to request an appointment at a U.S. port of entry.
May. 10, 2023
Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs
With the immigration expulsion policy Title 42 coming to an end on Thursday, Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs has announced steps the state will take as it expects an increase in border crossings.
More Arizona politics news
May. 8, 2023
$100 bills
A new report by the non-profit, non-partisan Immigration Research Initiative shows wages earned by immigrant workers account for 17% of U.S. gross domestic product.
May. 7, 2023
President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
The pandemic-era policy Title 42 that allowed the U.S. to expel migrants and asylum seekers back into Mexico is set to expire next week. Some believe that will lead to an uptick in the number of people traveling to the U.S.-Mexico border.
May. 5, 2023
Migrants wait outside KBI
Immigration enforcement hawks say the U.S. border must be sealed before there’s any talk about the millions of undocumented people already here. Advocates say the U.S. has abandoned decades-old promises made to protect people fleeing persecution. Solutions to these issues are not either — or says a new blueprint from the American Immigration Council.
May. 3, 2023
Joe Biden
The Biden administration recently announced a plan to open centers in Central America where people hoping to come to the U.S. to seek protection can begin that process.
May. 2, 2023
DACA application
The case began five years ago this week, when a coalition of states led by Texas sued to end the Obama-era program that has given more than 800,000 undocumented immigrants brought to the US as kids protection from deportation and a work permit.
May. 2, 2023
Child asylum seeker holding teddy bear
With Title 42 set to end, the Biden administration hopes to relieve some pressure by opening processing centers in Latin American countries where migrants can apply for asylum or refugee status. But not all immigrant rights advocates are happy with the move.
May. 1, 2023
Mary Beth Glassman
Volunteers in the kitchen at the Beth El Synagogue in central Phoenix are mixing, blending and stirring what will eventually be a hearty meal for migrants passing through as they make their way to their sponsor.
Apr. 28, 2023
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A group of nearly 200 aid and advocacy organizations are calling on Customs and Border Protection to issue formal regulations around how pregnant women and new mothers are detained.
Apr. 27, 2023


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