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Gove. Doug Ducey gets a COVID-19 vaccine
President Biden set a goal that 70% of American adults would have at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by the Fourth of July. About 20 states reached that target. Arizona fell short. And the state’s politics are likely playing a role in its vaccination efforts.
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Jul. 2, 2021
hospital devices
Research shows periodic screenings can reduce deaths related to breast and cervical cancers. But a recent CDC study finds a troubling drop in testing during COVID-19.
Jul. 2, 2021
Diego Mastroeni
The onset and advancement of Alzheimer’s disease is affected not only by a patient’s genes but also by the molecular switches that turn them on and off. Now, one of the largest studies so far of this epigenome offers scores of possible treatment targets.
Jul. 1, 2021
covid vaccine
The highly infectious form of COVID-19 known as the delta variant is quickly becoming more dominant in Arizona. And health care workers are already seeing its impact.
Jul. 1, 2021
 Horton Complex Fire
One side effect of Arizona’s peak wildfire season is the degrading air quality throughout the state. With smoke, ash, and dust from the fires traveling long distances, even Arizona residents living far away from a blaze may be at risk.
Jun. 27, 2021
Marijuana plants
Arizona health officials have announced a recall of certain marijuana products to protect Arizonans from possible salmonella and mold contamination. There have so far been no reports of people getting sick.
Jun. 23, 2021
a person smelling a rose
Loss of smell emerged early on as a sign of possible COVID-19 infection. Now, a yearlong study of 97 people in the journal suggests smell may return within six months to a year.
Jun. 23, 2021
Maricopa County seal
Maricopa County this week finalized its budget for the next fiscal year. The county plans to grow its public health workforce.
Jun. 22, 2021
pregnant woman
Researchers at the University of Arizona will be launching a study of how prone Hispanic children are to asthma in Tucson compared with their peers on the other side of the U.S.-Mexico border in Nogales, Sonora. The study will follow 500 pregnant women of Mexican descent in both cities and their newborns for the next five years to see how prevalent asthma is.
Jun. 21, 2021
grandparent holding hands
Parents and unpaid caregivers of adults have long faced mental health challenges brought on by the stressors of their roles. A new study published by the CDC shows how COVID-19 may have intensified those struggles.
Jun. 18, 2021
Chandler is partnering with a nonprofit to host a free health event for veterans on Friday, June 25.
Jun. 18, 2021
SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 coronavirus
Even people with mild or asymptomatic COVID-19 can suffer physical or mental symptoms four or more weeks after their initial illness. Now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has posted long-awaited guidelines for treating patients with long COVID-19.
Jun. 18, 2021
CDC coronavirus testing sample
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this week said the highly contagious delta strain of COVID-19 first spotted in India is now a “variant of concern” in the U.S. And the variant is becoming more common in Arizona.
Jun. 17, 2021
a COVID-19 vaccine
Effective Thursday, masks and social distancing are no longer required for fully vaccinated people in most city facilities in Phoenix.
Jun. 17, 2021
Maricopa County seal
The Maricopa County Department of Public Health wants to hear from residents 12 and older about their pandemic experiences. The information will be used to distribute millions of dollars throughout the community.
Jun. 15, 2021
Phoenix Children's Hospital homeless youth mobile clinic
The Homeless Youth Outreach program at Phoenix Children's Hospital started in 2000 with one mobile medical unit that primarily served homeless youth in the Tempe area. On Thursday, it has expanded to active mobile units and four clinics at fixed sites across the Valley.
Jun. 9, 2021
The state-run vaccination State Farm Stadium site
More than a quarter of all vaccines in Arizona have gone out at the state's mass vaccination sites. The 24-hour vaccination site at State Farm Stadium in Glendale was one of the first of its kind in the country and even attracted praise from the White House. But the PODs have been running below capacity for weeks.
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Jun. 3, 2021
covid-19 testing site
Arizona reported just four new positive COVID-19 cases Tuesday. It has been nearly a year since the state had a case report in the single digits. But on average, Arizona is still seeing more than 500 infections per day.
Jun. 1, 2021
COVID vaccine shot
Arizona’s COVID-19 vaccination rate for adults continues to trail the national average. According to the CDC, nearly 51% of all Americans have had at least one dose of a vaccine, while less than 47% of Arizonans have had a shot.
May. 31, 2021
cancer cell
Radiation therapy is used to treat more than half of all cancer patients, but it’s not without its drawbacks. A study by an incoming researcher at the Translational Genomics Research Institute in Phoenix suggests ways to make the treatment more effective.
May. 30, 2021


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