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On Wednesday, news broke that actor Bruce Willis is taking a break from acting. The reason, according to his family who shared the news on Instagram, is aphasia, which is impacting his cognitive abilities. What is aphasia and what causes it?
Mar. 31, 2022
hospital bed
There are now fewer COVID-19 patients in Arizona’s intensive care units or inpatient hospital beds than at any point since the start of the pandemic, according to the latest COVID-19 data update from the Arizona Department of Health Services.
Mar. 30, 2022
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey
Arizona’s Republican governor signed a series of bills Wednesday targeting abortion and transgender rights, joining a growing list of GOP-led states pursuing a conservative social agenda.
Critics warn new law threatens thousands of voter registrations
Mar. 30, 2022
COVID-19 vaccine
Some experts are concerned about vaccine-immunity waning four months after the original COVID-19 booster as another transmissible variant is picking up steam. While we’ve been in this position before, what makes this round different is that the federal funds that allowed for both tests and vaccines to be administered for free is set to run out.
Mar. 30, 2022
Downtown Phoenix skyline
The “Road to Clean Air” report released Wednesday by the American Lung Association lists Phoenix and Mesa among the 25 cities that would benefit most from a nationwide shift to zero-emission power plants and vehicles.
More Arizona science news
Mar. 29, 2022
tissues and medication
If you’ve been thinking that this year’s allergy season seems to be worse right now, that's probably because it is. And the culprit is climate change.
Mar. 29, 2022
Ultrasound image of fetus
The Arizona Legislature passed a bill Thursday that would ban abortion after 15 weeks. There are very few exceptions, even in the case of rape or incest. However, there is a narrow exception for medical emergencies. What’s next if Gov. Ducey signs the measure into law?
Mar. 29, 2022
nurse in a hospital
Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill into law Friday that would extend the lifespan of temporary medical licenses, which would have become invalid if he ended the ongoing state of emergency declared at the beginning of the pandemic.
Mar. 27, 2022
bathroom scale
Severe fatty liver disease is typically associated with obesity. But a review of current research shows lean people might be as vulnerable — if not more — to the illness and its consequences.
Mar. 25, 2022
Flag of Ukraine
A nurse anesthetist at Valleywise Health in Phoenix is native to Ukraine, and keeping a close eye on the conflict. In an interview provided by Valleywise, Yelena Krueger says she watches Ukrainian news broadcasts every day.
Mar. 25, 2022
Woman with cold
If your allergies are acting up, you’re not alone. While Arizona’s weather and plant life contributes to a year-round allergy season, there will be even more pollen in the air for the next couple months.
Mar. 25, 2022
Research shows that some ethnic and racial groups might have different biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. A new study of Latinos of Mexican descent offers a possible diagnostic tool for the country’s fastest growing demographic group.
Mar. 24, 2022
man lugging belongings
Phoenix is launching a program to help people experiencing homelessness. The effort will combine work opportunities with supportive services.
Mar. 23, 2022
man talking to another man
Phoenix is dedicating more money to support some of the city’s most vulnerable residents. On Wednesday, the City Council unanimously approved spending $9 million in federal funds to address behavioral health and homelessness.
Mar. 23, 2022
doctor file art
Sonoran leaders say they recognize the need to reinforce the state’s health services and will invest more than $6 million toward that goal.
Mar. 23, 2022
COVID-19 testing sign
After Tuesday, the federal government will stop reimbursing providers for COVID-19 tests performed for patients who don’t have health insurance.
Mar. 22, 2022
teen sitting on a bed
Troubling trends in education, physical health and mental well-being among young people predate COVID-19. But the pandemic’s disruptions of daily routines, emotional support networks and vaccination rates have raised those concerns to crisis levels.
Mar. 22, 2022
Arizona State Hospital in Phoenix
A new oversight commission could be coming for the Arizona State Hospital. Currently, the state Department of Health Services is responsible for both oversight and regulation of the behavioral health facility.
Mar. 22, 2022
The Alzheimer’s Association recently released its 2022 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures report. Arizona continues to have the fastest growing number of cases in the nation. It also found the state is facing a shortage of geriatricians.
Mar. 21, 2022
Botox injection
Supporters of the bill say dentists already administer Botox for therapeutic reasons and study facial structures more than any other profession.
Mar. 18, 2022


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