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Phoenix expects to have a single coordinated heat response plan fully operational by May 1. The citywide plan will focus heavily on several blocks around the Human Services Campus between downtown and the state Capitol complex. It’s where hundreds of people are living in tents.
Feb. 3, 2022
Containing an emerging epidemic requires tests that can track its spread. But many gold-standard technologies are bulky, expensive and slow to deploy. A new paper offers a promising alternative.
Feb. 3, 2022
excess death
Hermosillo, the capital of neighboring Sonora, was hit hard by the pandemic. But a new survey shows that city residents are starting to feel more optimistic about the future.
Feb. 3, 2022
COVID test
On Wednesday, the Phoenix City Council unanimously approved spending $15 million in federal funds to expand testing and vaccines services and $10 million on at-home tests and masks.
Feb. 2, 2022
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey
Gov. Ducey recently attended the winter meeting of the National Governors Association at the White House. Following the gathering that ended Monday, he took to Fox News on Tuesday and criticized President Biden's top-down federal strategy of handling the pandemic without listening to states.
Feb. 1, 2022
barbed wire at an arizona prison
Lawyers challenging the quality of health care in Arizona's prisons say corrections officials don’t have the capacity to improve staffing problems that have put incarcerated people with medical and mental health issues at risk of harm.
Feb. 1, 2022
10 year old boy child COVID-19 vaccine bandage
Scottsdale is offering COVID-19 vaccine clinics at two community centers through March. People can walk in or register online.
Feb. 1, 2022
A mask sign at a Phoenix school
The former director of the FDA, and current board member of Pfizer, suggests starting to lift pandemic-related restrictions —` including mask wearing. Dr. Shad Marvasti with the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Phoenix disagrees.
Jan. 31, 2022
Vaccination card
Proof of vaccination has become increasingly more important around the world, but some people’s vaccination records may not match the name on their IDs. Through KJZZ's Q&AZ project, a listener asked: Is there a way to update your name on your vaccine records if you get it changed?
Jan. 29, 2022
Qiyun Zhu
Inflammatory bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis are on the rise and can lead to worse hospitalization outcomes for older patients. Current treatments target the symptoms, not the causes. A new study might help change that.
Jan. 28, 2022
Hugo Lopez-Gatell
Reported COVID-19 deaths shot up this week in Mexico, with daily tolls last reported in October.
Jan. 28, 2022
Hospitals statewide continue to struggle with staffing shortages as the pandemic enters its third year. So Maricopa County is launching a new program aimed at building up the nursing workforce.
Jan. 27, 2022
A positive COVID-19 test
Wednesday marks two years since the first COVID-19 case was reported in Arizona and the state’s health care system is facing more strain than ever.
Jan. 26, 2022
A COVID-19 vaccine event
When it comes to the percentage of residents in long-term care who are boosted, the figure is low. Slightly more than 40% have received their third dose. And with the omicron variant spreading like wildfire in long-term care, AARP Arizona is calling on nursing homes to require boosters for staff and residents.
Jan. 24, 2022
Hospital patient in wheelchair
A study from University of Arizona Researchers finds that focusing on cholesterol build up helps reduce factors that may be associated with dementia in stroke patients.
Jan. 24, 2022
A COVID-19 testing site in Phoenix
Its testing capacity stretched by the increase in COVID-19 cases due to the omicron wave, Pima County is opening a large new drive-thru testing site with help from the federal government.
Jan. 24, 2022
In Arizona hospitals, cases continue to rise, with just 5% of inpatient beds available as of Jan. 20. So the question of what comes next in this seemingly never-ending pandemic looms. And Mike Meyer argues we should be prepared for the worst.
Jan. 20, 2022
Dental chair
An Arizona Senate panel voted unanimously Wednesday to allow dentists to provide Botox treatments and dermal fillers for cosmetic purposes.
Jan. 20, 2022
Valley fever coccidioides fungus
Valley Fever is a growing problem in the Southwest as cases rise. Now, both Arizona senators are sponsoring legislation that would put $500 million toward research for a vaccine against the infection.
Jan. 20, 2022
Joshua LaBaer
Some hospitals have had to color outside the lines of usual standards and practices to cope with omicron's toll on patients and staff. But are they striking the right balance between safety and necessity?
Jan. 19, 2022


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