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A room at an emergency department
Arizona is now averaging more than 1,800 new COVID-19 infections per day — the most the state has reported since mid-February. And Arizona's hospitals are feeling the strain of the latest surge.
Aug. 3, 2021
COVID vaccine shot
The Arizona Department of Health Services Sunday added 2,306 confirmed coronavirus infections to its daily dashboard. It’s the second day in a row more than 2,000 new cases have been reported.
Aug. 1, 2021
woman wearing white doctor coat smiles at camera
Creighton University’s School of Medicine students began their four-year journey by taking part in a traditional white coat ceremony. With the opening of its Phoenix campus, the Omaha-based university says it’s positioned to become the nation’s largest Catholic health professions educator.
Jul. 31, 2021
A sign near a COVID-19 testing site
Arizona reported 1,965 new COVID-19 cases Friday, the most in a single day since early March, as virus-related hospitalizations continued to climb. The additional infections and 24 deaths reported Friday increased the state's pandemic totals to 925,169 cases and 18,224 deaths.
Jul. 30, 2021
U.S. Supreme Court
Gov. Doug Ducey wants the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn it's historic decision in Roe v. Wade and leave the question of whether to allow abortion in Arizona, and elsewhere, to state lawmakers.
Jul. 30, 2021
Face masks in stock at a coronavirus testing event.
Arizona cities are changing their policies on face coverings. The move comes after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended vaccinated people resume wearing masks indoors and in high-risk areas.
Jul. 28, 2021
A sign for COVID-19 testing
Health officials in Arizona on Sunday reported 1,508 new COVID-19 cases and one additional death. It marked the seventh consecutive day with at least 1,000 cases, the longest such streak since early March.
Jul. 25, 2021
child wearing a mask
Arizona students are heading back to school as concerns grow over rising COVID-19 cases and the Delta variant. Through KJZZ's Q&AZ project, one listener asked what infectious disease experts recommend for children not old enough to get a vaccine: remote or in-person classes?
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Jul. 23, 2021
ASU's campus
The editor-in-chief of one of the world's premier lines of science journals this week stepped out from behind the desk to call for colleges and universities to require coronavirus vaccines — and to call out Arizona State University by name.
Jul. 23, 2021
Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center
A group that’s part of the Koch network filed a freedom of information lawsuit this week that in part seeks patient wait-time data from VA health care facilities in Arizona.
Jul. 22, 2021
nurse in a hospital
Arizona hospital leaders are increasingly concerned as COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations continue to increase across the state. The number of Arizonans in hospital intensive care units with COVID-19 has climbed nearly 30% just since last week.
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Jul. 22, 2021
Abort so as not to die
Lawmakers in a state is southeastern Mexico voted to decriminalize elective abortion this week — making it the fourth state in the country to allow the procedure.
Jul. 21, 2021
CDC coronavirus testing sample
Medical experts say there’s now no question Arizona is seeing an upward trend in COVID-19 infections. Arizona is now averaging more than 1,000 cases per day, more than double last month's numbers.
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Jul. 19, 2021
hospital bed
Suspected pandemic-related hospitalizations have reached a four-month high in Arizona. Now, a new study in the journal The Lancet finds one in two people who are hospitalized with severe COVID-19 develop complications.
Jul. 16, 2021
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Mental reaction times can slow due to normal aging and disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. But their diagnostic value depends on how well scientists can link changes to their causes. One of the largest studies so far offers some clues.
Jul. 16, 2021
Phoenix City Hall
Phoenix has postponed its return to workplace plans due to a rising COVID-19 community transmission rate.
Jul. 16, 2021
A report released Thursday shows that the number of children who missed routine vaccinations increased dramatically during the pandemic. Mexico was among countries where immunizations dropped substantially.
Jul. 16, 2021
Electronic health records mean a physician’s notes can follow a patient from doctor to doctor. But when the chosen words convey bias or stigmatize the patient, they can perpetuate bad treatment, poor health outcomes and self-fulfilling prophecies.
Jul. 15, 2021
A patient gets swabbed for a COVID-19 test
The Arizona Department of Health Services said Wednesday's update was especially high because of reporting delays over the past few days. But the seven-day average for new cases has been steadily rising in Arizona.
Jul. 14, 2021
wall of dust
Amid a recent spate of dust storms, the Arizona Department of Health Services has released its annual bulletin on the state’s dreaded dust-borne ailment, Valley fever.
Jul. 14, 2021


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