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Republic, KJZZ investigation examines how prison labor works
After 15 months of gathering and analyzing more than 11,000 documents and building a computer program that downloaded tens of thousands of public profiles about prisoners that the Arizona Department of Corrections refused to provide, reporters at the Arizona Republic and KJZZ News found that prison labor has become ubiquitous across the state.
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Arizona Department of Corrections building
As temperatures approach 100 degrees, the water system is not working at an Arizona state prison housing more than 2,000 people.
Jun. 10, 2019
Arizona Department of Corrections building
The Arizona Department of Corrections has confirmed two cases of hepatitis A in inmates in state prisons. Hepatitis A is a highly contagious liver infection caused by a virus, and is normally transmitted from person to person or through contaminated food or water.
May. 30, 2019
A report submitted in federal court by attorneys representing inmates in Arizona prisons says pregnant women are suffering from "deficient" and "dangerous" prenatal and postnatal care.
May. 20, 2019
Prison Cell
One of the nation's largest correctional health care providers, Corizon Health, will pay $950,000 to plaintiffs who alleged the company was in violation the Americans With Disabilities Act.
May. 17, 2019
Ashley Wilkeyson
A new investigation from KJZZ has found that more than a dozen inmates in Arizona prisons are being chased by debt collectors for unpaid medical bills incurred while they were incarcerated. People in state prisons say the medical bills are adding insult to injury. Hear from people who are getting collection notices delivered to their cells and learn about the effects these bills can have on their chances for a successful re-entry to society.
May. 13, 2019
A federal judge is threatening additional fines against the Arizona Department of Corrections over the continued failure to meet health care standards in state prisons.
May. 6, 2019
Activists and formerly incarcerated people gathered at the Arizona Department of Corrections headquarters Monday in downtown Phoenix to send a message to director Charles Ryan.
Feb. 25, 2019
In a resolution, the ABA says it is urging all levels of government and correctional institutions across the country to enact policies that will "provide all women prisoners in all forms of detention, both adult and juvenile, with unrestricted access, on housing units, to free toilet paper and a range of free feminine hygiene products."
Feb. 14, 2019
In an order issued Thursday, a Federal judge gave further guidance to an independent monitor who is tasked with reviewing the state’s prison health care system
Jan. 31, 2019
Jose Vallejo
Jose Vallejo worked for Corizon Health in the Arizona Department of Corrections for two years. He alleges the company is violating state regulations, purposefully misleading state auditors, and putting patient lives at risk.
Jan. 23, 2019
Arizona Department of Corrections building
An Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) press release dated Jan. 18 says Centurion Of Arizona will take over the contract to provide health care at the state prisons July 1. ADC says it reviewed five bid proposals "and concluded Centurion’s offer to be the most competitive and in the state’s best interest."
Jan. 19, 2019
Federal Courthouse in downtown Phoenix.
On Thursday, in her first hearing with attorneys from both parties in the Parsons vs. Ryan prison health care settlement, Judge Roslyn Silver asked representatives for the state and the inmates to discuss the merits of selecting an independent monitor.
Dec. 6, 2018
prison cells at Arizona State Prison Complex
Judge Roslyn Silver denied the state's motion to stay orders from retired Judge David Duncan in the Parsons vs. Ryan settlement on Thursday. Judge Silver called the orders "appropriate because of the continued harm the class experiences" and set a status hearing for Dec. 6.
Nov. 15, 2018
Arizona Department of Corrections
Scabies outbreaks at the Tucson and Douglas prisons infected close to 100 people. Inmates initially received no treatment during the first complaints.
Oct. 26, 2018
Letters recently sent from two inmates at the Lumley unit in Arizona State Prison Complex – Perryville to the American Friends Service Committee allege the prison has been running out of toilet paper, leaving them to use pads and wash rags.
Oct. 10, 2018
Corizon logo
The Phoenix Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a lawsuit in federal court against Arizona’s prison health care contractor, Corizon Health, alleging discrimination against individuals with disabilities.
Sep. 24, 2018
prison cells at Arizona State Prison Complex
After four and a half years, the Parson vs. Ryan prison health care settlement continues to drag on in federal court. The case is now on its second judge.
Sep. 6, 2018
Arizona Department of Corrections building
On Saturday attorneys for the state filed a notice of appeal in the Parsons vs. Ryan prison health care settlement, indicating they would challenge Magistrate Judge David Duncan’s contempt order, sanction and additional oversight measures.
Jul. 23, 2018
Arizona Department of Corrections building
A federal judge has fined Arizona $1.4 million for failing to meet health care standards in state prisons. In an order filed Friday, Magistrate Judge David Duncan wrote that the state had “turned to a private contractor which has been unable to meet the prisoner’s health care needs.”
On The Inside: The Chaos Of Arizona Prison Health Care
Jun. 22, 2018
Prison Cell
A joint legislative budget committee gave its approval for an increase in funding for Arizona prison health care despite several members expressing concern over a lack of details.
Jun. 20, 2018


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