Arizona History

Bisbee Deporation March
The roundup began just after dawn, 100 years ago today in Bisbee. A posse made up of hastily deputized local residents had a list of striking miners and sympathizers. They banged on the doors of homes and boarding houses. It was the beginning of the Bisbee Deportation — a large-scale kidnapping.
Jul. 12, 2017
Beautiful Shiner
Arizona is home to dozens of animals protected by the Endangered Species Act. Here's a timeline that shows when each threatened or endangers species was added to the list.
Apr. 20, 2016
winged victory statue
You’ve probably driven past the building and barely noticed — yet she’s been there for more than a century.
Jun. 26, 2015
Davis-Monthan Boneyard
Arizona has many unique places. It has one of the largest canyons, largest solar telescope –- and the only military boneyard in the United States.
Apr. 17, 2015
capital on wheels
During the 19th century Arizona’s legislative body was a traveling office. It moved between the northern and southern part of the state so often it eventually got a nickname.
Sep. 26, 2014
Sunnyslope mountain
More than a century ago people came to the hot, dry Phoenix climate to recover from all sorts of pulmonary ailments — tuberculosis, for instance. Today, one of the places that was popular back then became a town of its own.
Sep. 12, 2014
 “Waiting for Their Stars” illustration
More than 100 years ago, Arizona became the last of the contiguous U.S. states to be signed into statehood, but it did not happen so easily Arizona had a bumpy road to statehood.
Feb. 14, 2014
U.S. and Arizona flag
In 1912, Arizona became the 48th state to join the Union. Manifest Destiny was already assured since California had joined the union more than 60 years earlier. So, as far as Washington, D.C. was concerned, adding Arizona was not a pressing issue.
Feb. 14, 2012


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