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ASU dining halls focus on low carbon footprint meals
Some ASU students can now show their commitment to climate action through their choice of meals.
Jan. 4, 2022
Volunteers hopeful about future of beavers along the San Pedro River
For the past 20 years, officials have worked at reintroducing beavers to the San Pedro River. And a recent expedition to check on the furry creatures bodes well for their futures.
Jan. 4, 2022
Getting rid of your Christmas tree? Try eating it first
Lots of cities across the Valley offer tree recycling services, but Julia Georgallis says you can re-use parts of your tree without leaving your house. In fact, she says, they can be a part of your next meal or happy hour.
Jan. 3, 2022
USDA puts $19M into clean water, internet access in rural Arizona
The United States Department of Agriculture is sending more than $19 million to rural communities in Arizona. The grants and loans will help expand access to clean water and high-speed internet.
Jan. 3, 2022
Heres what the new Lake Mead water agreement means for AZ
Earlier this month, a number of state and federal water agencies, including the Arizona Department of Water Resources and Central Arizona Project, agreed to a plan to add half a million acre-feet of water to Lake Mead in each of the next two years.
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Dec. 30, 2021
Why smoke from New Years fireworks is a big health risk in Phoenix
Maricopa County issued a warning about pollution caused by personal fireworks and burning wood over the New Years holiday.
Dec. 29, 2021
Heres how to recycle your Christmas tree in Phoenix and Mesa
Ready to take down your Christmas tree? Here's where Mesa and Phoenix residents can go to recycling live Christmas trees.
Dec. 27, 2021
Renewable energy can impact birds and bat mortality
Conservationists say the need for renewable energy grows more urgent with each passing year. But even green energy has costs.
Dec. 24, 2021
Why wood fires are a no-no during winter in Phoenix
With the holidays just about here, and a slight nip in the air, many Arizonans start to think about lighting up their fireplaces or fire pits. But the state’s environmental regulators would rather you not, especially around Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
Dec. 22, 2021
EV startup Nikola settles with U.S. for $125 million
Electric and hydrogen-powered truck startup Nikola has agreed to a $125 million settlement over charges that it defrauded investors after misleading them about its products, technical advances, and financial prospects.
Dec. 22, 2021
Study shows declines in vehicle emissions saved lives
The study found reductions in emissions from passenger light duty vehicles reductions saved money and lives. But, factors could reduce the benefits these reductions have had.
Dec. 20, 2021
Salt River water level change is bad for wild horses, advocates complain
Water levels on the Salt River were healthy all summer and led to ample eelgrass for the wild horses that roam its banks. Now SRP is cutting back on releases into the river, and a group dedicated to the horses is worried about the horses’ food source.
Dec. 20, 2021
Biosphere 2 drought study underscores the value of biodiversity
Harsher, more frequent droughts put strain on tropical rainforests, limiting their capacity to absorb carbon dioxide. A new Biosphere 2 study illustrates the size of that impact and shows how rainforests adapt to dry conditions.
Dec. 17, 2021
Lower basin states sign deal to put water back in Lake Mead
Water agencies from Arizona, Nevada, California and the federal government agreed to a multimillion dollar plan to keep more water in Lake Mead. The deal was signed at the Colorado River Water Users Association conference in Las Vegas.
Dec. 16, 2021
States to sign voluntary cutbacks of Colorado River water
To help stave off another round of mandatory cutbacks, water leaders for Arizona, Nevada and California are preparing to sign an agreement that would voluntarily reduce Colorado River water to the lower basin states by 500,000 acre-feet — enough to supply about 750,000 households for a year — for both 2022 and 2023.
Dec. 15, 2021
Author explores housing inequity in Sunset Blues
As the median price of homes is on the rise here in the Valley, that has left the idea of affordable housing on the sidelines for many people. And the inequity is growing — just as it has in other parts of the U.S.
Dec. 14, 2021
Repurposing wastewater greenhouse gases to make useful products
Wastewater treatment plants produce the greenhouse gases methane and carbon dioxide, which they typically squander by burning. But researchers are studying how to repurpose such biogas byproducts to grow algae and make useful products.
Dec. 13, 2021
From grime to crumbling masonry, U.S. parks get a makeover
Work has begun on giving some of America’s most spectacular natural settings and historic icons a makeover. The Great American Outdoor Act was passed by Congress last year and dedicated up to $1.6 billion a year for the next five years to extensive maintenance and repairs that have been put off year after year.
Dec. 10, 2021
Arizona wants to use more inmates as wildland firefighters — but at what cost to the prisoners?
The state passed the Arizona Healthy Forests Initiative, which calls for the use of inmate crews to help thin fuel in the forest and desert. The goal is to thin 20,000 acres a year and provide job training for inmates.
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Dec. 8, 2021
Untangling from 100+ years of energy infrastructure
Energy is a clear part of our everyday lives, whether it’s flipping a light switch or turning on our car’s engine. But energy has had a bigger-picture impact on world history, and, today, it powers some of the most contentious geopolitical debates.
Dec. 2, 2021