It has allowed developers to grow subdivisions since the early 1990s. A key water management tool that enables housing development in central Arizona does not have a rosy future. That’s a key finding of a new report from Arizona State University.
35 minutes ago
Lawmaker: Ducey Must Lead On Pinal County Water Crisis
Prescott Republican Rep. Noel Campbell is at odds with other lawmakers and the executive branch when it comes to a plan to solve a water crisis in the Pinal County region.
Oct. 15, 2019
Video Shows Saguaro Bulldozed To Build The Border Wall
As border wall construction commenced in areas of southern Arizona, environmental groups have been keeping a close watch. Even though it was informal, that included what Kevin Dahl saw and shot in a video: the bulldozing of healthy Saguaro cacti.
Oct. 15, 2019
Pinal Farmers Cry Out Against Developments That Pull Water
Pinal County ranks first in the state for cotton, barley and livestock production, according to the Arizona Farm Bureau, among other notable products, but water supplies are also on demand from new developments in the area, and farmers who have held claims for decades are crying foul.
Oct. 15, 2019
Elemental: Covering Sustainability

A multimedia collaboration between public radio and public television stations in Colorado, Arizona and California.

Beachside Experiment: The Dunes are Alive Along the Santa Monica Coast

LOS ANGELES – We covered a lot of ground during our recent special series on climate change, including the grim fate of our beaches. As our science reporter Jacob Margolis put it: based on the latest research, the beaches from Santa Monica to Malibu could be unrecognizable by the end of the century. One of ...

Oct. 4, 2019
‘Many Lives at Risk’: What Pollution Rollbacks Could Mean for California and Arizona

LOS ANGELES – At the turn of the 20th century, Southern California’s oil industry was booming, with refineries belching black smoke. It got so bad that one day in 1903, Los Angeles residents woke up to skies so dark they thought was a solar eclipse. It wasn’t an out-of-this-world event. It was smog. And Southern ...

Oct. 4, 2019
Bye-Bye Beaches: How Parts of SoCal’s Iconic Coast Could Disappear in Our Lifetime

LOS ANGELES – The stretch of coast from Santa Monica to Malibu is iconic and quintessentially Californian. It’s also ridiculously beautiful — and it’s clear, based on the latest science, it could be unrecognizable by the end of the century. As the planet warms, sea levels will continue to rise, threatening some of our most ...

Sep. 26, 2019
The Changing Climate of the American West: A Regional Call-In Special

LOS ANGELES – Rising sea levels along the California coast. Severe droughts in Nevada. Record heat in Arizona. Climate change is having an undeniable impact in the West. These new realities will alter the way we live in almost every way. As the country gears up for the 2020 presidential election, all major Democratic candidates ...

Sep. 20, 2019
Inherit the World: Young Climate Activists Get Ready for Global Protest

TEMPE, Ariz. – Thousands of young people in Arizona are expected to strike Friday in defense of the planet. In Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff, they plan to protest inaction on policies that could reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stop the globe’s destructive rise in temperatures. Earlier this month, students ranging from middle school to college ...

Sep. 19, 2019
Topography Can Mitigate Climate Impacts on Saguaros, Research Shows

PHOENIX – The long lifespans of saguaros – up to 200 years – can complicate scientists’ attempts to understand their population patterns. Now, researchers from the University of Arizona and the U.S. Geographical Survey have used a 48-year data set to see how topography can influence how climate affects the majestic symbol of the West. ...

Sep. 19, 2019
Extreme Weather Galvanizes Believers of Climate Change but Doesn’t Persuade Skeptics

SMITH ISLAND, Md. – The Eastern Shore of Maryland, where crab pots line the docks and boats are stored in backyards, is one of most vulnerable places in the U.S. to the effects of rising seas, climate scientists say. But like many Americans, only about 40% of people living along the Chesapeake Bay believe global ...

Sep. 17, 2019
Millennials Use Technology to Ensure the Future of Arizona Ranching and Farming

PHOENIX – The median age of a farmer or rancher in Arizona is 55 to 64. It’s part of a nationwide trend as fewer young people go into agriculture. But three Arizona millennials are hoping to use their passion and the technology they grew up with to ensure the future of the state’s agribusinesses, which ...

Sep. 15, 2019
Electric Vehicle Chargers at Grand Canyon Reduce ‘Range Anxiety’ for Park Visitors

PHOENIX – Electric vehicle owners can now drive to Grand Canyon National Park without worrying about dead batteries, thanks to new charging stations on the South Rim that opened to the public in late August. Park visitors can now charge their EVs at six stations located around the park, including Yavapai Lodge, Canyon Village Market ...

Sep. 15, 2019
A ‘Climate of Fear’ Accelerates Existing Labor Shortages on California’s Farms

Gilbert Castellanos said he remembers when people “would fight each other to work in the fields.” Today, Castellanos struggles to find enough workers to complete the harvest on his 300 acres of oranges, stone fruits, and grapes in California’s Central Valley. He has abandoned plots because he couldn’t find enough workers to harvest them. “Now ...

Sep. 15, 2019