KJZZ is partnering with The Arizona Republic to bring you the Arizona Storytellers project on the radio. Storytellers in Phoenix share their stories at live events in town. Some of the stories are about living here, some are not.

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Arizona Storytellers: Molly Hottle

KJZZ partners with the Arizona Republic to bring you the Arizona Storytellers series. Molly Hottle is from Iowa. She's lived in several places before she says she was forced to move to the "beige desert" that is Phoenix.
H.D. Hunter at Arizona Storytellers

Arizona Storytellers: H.D. Hunter

KJZZ partners with the Arizona Republic to bring you the Arizona Storytellers series. H.D. Hunter is from Atlanta, but a few years ago he was living in New Haven, Connecticut, and trying to write a book.
Marilee Lasch

Arizona Storytellers: Marilee Lasch

KJZZ partners with the Arizona Republic to bring you the Arizona Storytellers series. Today's storyteller is Marilee Lasch, an artist living in Superior.
Elaissia Sears shares her story at the Away We Go event

Arizona Storytellers: Elaissia Sears

KJZZ partners with the Arizona Republic to bring you the Arizona Storytellers series. In the latest story in the series, Elaissia Sears shares her experience studying abroad in Germany.
Anwar Newton

Arizona Storytellers: Anwar Newton

KJZZ partners with the Arizona Republic to bring you the Arizona Storytellers series. In the latest story in the series, Anwar Newton talks about an unusual car-jacking experience.
Millie Hollandbeck

Arizona Storytellers: Millie Hollandbeck

Millie Hollandbeck grew up in a small town in Ohio. Her parents are deaf but she can hear. Millie can remember interpreting for her parents from a young age while she was at the doctor's office, the post office, and grocery store.
Evan Roberts

Arizona Storytellers: Evan Roberts

Evan Roberts shares a story about falling asleep during a holiday performance.
Lawrence Robinson

Arizona Storytellers: Lawrence Robinson

In 2007, Lawrence Robinson started his first day of work as a public defender in family court in New York City.
Seth Fox

Arizona Storytellers: Seth Fox

Seth Fox grew up in a small town in Nebraska. As a child he was obsessed with the movie "Annie," and he loved Boy George and the kids at his school thought he was weird. In high school he met a guy named Chad, who also didn't really fit in. As Fox put it, he had found his fellow weirdo and was delighted.
Elia Simon shares her story at the Phoenix Art Museum on March 14, 2018.

Arizona Storytellers: Elia Simon

Counselor Elia Simon shares a story about trying to fit in during elementary school as part of Arizona Republic's storytelling series.
Dhamana Shauri

Arizona Storytellers: Dhamana Shauri

Retired teacher Dhamana Shauri shares a story about the first day of school while teaching as part of Arizona Republic's storytelling series.
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Arizona Storytellers: Chelsea Gaberdiel

When Chelsea Gaberdiel was 12, she found out from her mom was pregnant. She couldn't imagine her perfect little family of five needed another person. Chelsea didn't want to be excited even though everyone else around her was.
Kylie Digges

Arizona Storytellers: Kylie Digges

When Kylie Digges was around 30, she became obsessed with the "Twilight" series. And after watching them over and over, Kylie realized that the Twilight movies weren't as fulfilling as she first believed.
Phillip Kennedy

Arizona Storytellers: Phillip Kennedy

In 2007, Phillip Kennedy's dad took the family white water rafting in Yosemite National Park for an experience of a lifetime. Putting on a wet-suit that looked a little too small was just the beginning.
Brian Krauss - Arizona Storytellers

Arizona Storytellers: Brian Krauss

Brian Krauss shares a story about how one woman found herself for the first time on a Grand Canyon hike.
Tomas Robles

Arizona Storytellers: Tomas Robles

Tomas Robles shares a story about how he learned to be proud of his military heritage.
Dr. Sharon Thompson

Arizona Storytellers: Dr. Sharon Thompson

Dr. Sharon Thompson shares a story about how she became a doctor by way of another profession.

Arizona Storytellers: Jan Wichayanuparp

Jan Wichayanuparp tells a story about experiencing a new kind of food.
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Arizona Storytellers: Lizbeth Congiusti

Lizbeth Congiusti tells a story about helping her husband recover from a life-threatening blood clot.
Desiree Garcia

Arizona Storytellers: Desiree Garcia

In 2005, when Desiree's youngest brother, Miguel, was 14, the family discovered he carried a concealed gun.
Catherine Alonzo

Arizona Storytellers: Catherine Alonzo

Catherine shares a story about how she learned to help grieving loved ones and friends.
Millye Carter Bloodworth

Arizona Storytellers: Millye Carter-Bloodworth

Millye Carter Bloodworth shares a story about how her mother helped her become the woman she is today.
Joanna de’Shay

Arizona Storytellers: Joanna de’Shay

Joanna de’Shay grew up in Ghana. Her father is Nigerian and her mother is Russian. De’Shay refers to herself as a Black Russian.
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Arizona Storytellers: Ahmad Daniels

Ahmad Daniels grew up in New York City in the 1950s and he says life was good. The neighborhoods were fairly well integrated and he didn't feel the tension of racism.
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Arizona Storytellers: James Kottke

James Kottke shares a story about a time he and his community helped a family across the world.
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Arizona Storytellers: Tara Ijai

Tara shares a story about dealing with hate after converting to Islam.
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Arizona Storytellers: Forest Melton

Forest Melton grew up in South Phoenix. He said it wasn’t a great neighborhood. Melton's parents didn’t like him and his siblings going outside alone because of gang activity.
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Arizona Storytellers: Michelle Ponce

Michelle Ponce met a guy who she thought was “the one.”
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Arizona Storytellers: Jill Drowne

Jill Drowne had a dream of going to college, finding a husband and having an alumni wedding.
Arizona Storytellers: Fatimah Halim

Arizona Storytellers: Fatimah Halim

Fatimah Halim's mother was well known as Mama Dorothy. Many people idolized Mama Dorothy for her unselfish attitude. Halim wanted to be like her.
Kyle Mitchell

Arizona Storytellers: Kyle Mitchell

Kyle Mitchell has an 8-year-old son. One day he was playing with his son, and his son asked him why he had such soft hands.
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Arizona Storytellers: Kara Kahnke

Kara Kahnke comes from a musical family. But Kara has a disability that makes it difficult to use her hands or play an instrument.
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Arizona Storytellers: Sue Raatjes

When Sue Raatjes thinks of a Grandma, she imagines an apron and fresh baked cookies. But Sue’s Grandma Agnes was what the family called a Party Doll.
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Arizona Storytellers: Rafael Carranza

In 2009, Rafael Carranza landed his first reporting job on the Texas-Mexico border.
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Arizona Storytellers: Evan Roberts

Evan Roberts was born in Memphis. He said he didn’t live in the greatest neighborhood, but he and his siblings always played in the streets and felt safe.
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Arizona Storytellers: Mario Avent

Mario Avent is an Army veteran living in Phoenix.
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Arizona Storytellers: Ryan Kitchell

Ryan Kitchell is a Navy vet and founder of Kitchell Creative print services in Tempe.
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Arizona Storytellers: Felicia Cocotzin Ruiz

Felicia Cocotzin Ruiz is Native American and identifies, in part, as Hopi. When she was in 2nd grade, she was excited to be in her class’s Thanksgiving play as Little White Dove.
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Arizona Storytellers: Charlie Steak

Charlie Steak shares his love of Christmas with a woman who hates it.

Arizona Storytellers: Brenna Goth

Brenna Goth shares a story about living south of the border for her first reporting job and learning some valuable lessons about problem solving and choosing rentals off of Craigslist.
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Arizona Storytellers: Mare Schumacher

Mare Schumacher shares a story about her first time participating in a civil rights protest.
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Arizona Storytellers: Calvin Worthen

Calvin Worthen shares a story about having a serious asthma attack in the middle of winter as a child.
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Arizona Storytellers: Richard Ruelas

Richard Ruelas is a reporter at the Arizona Republic.
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Arizona Storytellers: Seth Conaway

Seth Conaway works at Fairytale Brownies in Phoenix.
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Arizona Storytellers: Austin King

Austin King’s home remodeling business has been doing well for several years. He is the co-founder of Rafterhouse in Phoenix.
AZ Storytellers - Melissa Dunmore

Arizona Storytellers: Melissa Dunmore

Melissa Dunmore is a community development specialist at Southwest Human Development.
Marilyn Omifunke Torres

Arizona Storytellers: Marilyn Omifunke Torres

Marilyn Omifunke Torres is a faculty member at the South Mountain Community College Storytelling Institute.

Arizona Storytellers: Laura Gómez

Laura Gómez is from Bogotá, Colombia and moved to Puerto Rico when she was 12. Laura enjoyed the beaches at first, it was an adventure. But soon, this new adventure turned bitter.

Arizona Storytellers: Misty Hyman

Opening ceremonies for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio begin tomorrow and we have some stories from storytellers with the Olympic spirit. Megan Finnerty is the creator of the series and here she is with our latest storyteller.

Arizona Storytellers: Judi Adams

With the Rio Olympics beginning this week, KJZZ and The Arizona Republic are bringing you some stories from local storytellers with the Olympic spirit.

Arizona Storytellers: Amanda Borden

With the 2016 Rio Olympics starting this week, gymnast Amanda Borden gets in the Olympic story and tells a story about how she became a gold medalist in 1996.

Arizona Storytellers: Tony Felice

Tony Felice is the president of Tony Felice PR and Marketing in Phoenix.

Arizona Storytellers: Craig Kennedy

Craig Kennedy is with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He shared his story at the Good Neighbors storytelling night.

Arizona Storytellers: Moazam Khan

Phoenix designer Moazam Khan talks about his Pakistani immigrant parents' attempts to find him a wife.

Arizona Storytellers: Alfredo Gutierrez

Former Arizona state Senator Alfredo Gutierrez is an immigration activist, author and president of the Governing Board of the Maricopa Community College District.

Arizona Storytellers: Ron Foligno

In recognition of Father's Day this Sunday, June 19, we share Ron Foligno's story about his trouble saying, "I love you" to his dad.

Arizona Storytellers: Mat Snapp

Mat Snapp talks about the mistakes he made painting the basement while in a hazy state of grief.

Arizona Storytellers: Lizbeth Congiusti

Phoenician Lizbeth Congiusti recalls watching the draft in 1969 to learn whether her boyfriend would be called to serve in Vietnam.

Arizona Storytellers: Kathy Cano-Murillo

Phoenix crafter Kathy Cano-Murillo talks about her two month sprint to lose weight in order to fit into a bridesmaid dress.

Arizona Storytellers: Harriet Cole

Harriet Cole, a professional storyteller in Phoenix, recounts the time she joined a softball team to impress a boyfriend.

Arizona Storytellers: Dennis Wagner

Investigative reporter Dennis Wagner remembers hiring a cab to drive him into the riot zone to cover the 1992 riots in South Central Los Angeles.
karina bland

Arizona Storytellers: Karina Bland

Arizona Republic columnist Karina Bland shares a story about having a baby on her own.

Arizona Storytellers: Zana Alattar

Zana Alattar shares a story about her family in Syria and how she started a national organization to spread awareness about the ongoing Syrian crisis.

Arizona Storytellers: James Villeneuve

James Villeneuve is the Canadian Consul General covering Arizona, Nevada and Southern California. He told his story as part of the "Good Neighbors" storytelling event.
Kate Smith

Arizona Storytellers: Kate Smith

Veteran and attorney Kate Smith tells a story about overcoming her fear of swimming after she joined the Air Force Academy.
Angelina Dominguez

Arizona Storytellers: Angelina Dominguez

Mesa photographer Angelina Dominguez was kicked out of the house when she got pregnant at 16.
Dianna Náñez

Arizona Storytellers: Dianna Náñez

Arizona Republic reporter Dianna Náñez talks about her difficult pregnancy and "baby-mom fever."
Joe Finnerty

Arizona Storytellers: Joe Finnerty

Joe Finnerty tells a story about going to a baseball game alone when he was 12 years old and the important lesson he learned.
Joey Robert Parks

Arizona Storytellers: Joey Robert Parks

Joey Robert Parks is the founder and creative director of 26 Blocks. In this episode of the Arizona Storytellers project, Parks recalls an adventure traversing the storm drains beneath Tempe.
Kim Haasarud

Arizona Storytellers: Kim Haasarud

Kim Haasarud is the co-founder of Arizona Cocktail Week. In this episode of the Arizona Storytellers project, Haasarud recalls an awkward encounter with her parents during one trip back home for the holidays.
Dan Hull

Arizona Storytellers: Dan Hull

Dan Hull is the co-founder of Storyline. In this episode of the Arizona Storytellers project, Hull recalls his childhood ritual of getting in trouble and getting spanked.
Liz Warren

Arizona Storytellers: Liz Warren

Liz Warren is a writer, teacher, and the director of the Storytelling Institute at South Mountain Community College. Warren is one of the mentors of the Arizona Storytellers Project and helps coach the tellers.
Georganne Bryant

Arizona Storytellers: Georganne Bryant

Georganne Bryant is the owner of Frances boutique.
Ron Foligno

Arizona Storytellers: Ron Foligno

Ron Foligno is the founder of Ghosticorn Apparel.
Tim Cleary

Arizona Storytellers: Tim Cleary

In 1988, Tim Cleary was working as a consultant for a religious publishing house. He had a heart for the work and saw helping others as a vocation so he threw himself into it. But after an especially taxing 18 month assignment, something shifted.
Molly McCloy

Arizona Storytellers: Molly McCloy

When Molly McCloy was 26, she got her first teaching job at DeVry University.
Mike Chow

Arizona Storytellers: Mike Chow

Mike Chow is a staff photojournalist at the Arizona Republic.
Michael Heller Arizona Storytellers

Arizona Storytellers: Michael Heller

Michael Heller is the co-founder of Plus2 Technologies.
Karina Bland

Arizona Storytellers: Karina Bland

Karina Bland is a columnist and reporter at the Arizona Republic.
Justin O’Connell

Arizona Storytellers: Justin O’Connell

Justin O’Connell is the Director of Academic Services at the Center for Student Achievement in Phoenix.
Anel Arriola

Arizona Storytellers: Anel Arriola

Anel Arriola is a Mexican immigrant. Her parents brought her to the United States when she was 10 years old and enrolled her in a predominantly English-speaking school. Her first day of school she was so nervous about not being able to communicate with her teachers.
Sue Raatjes

Arizona Storytellers: Sue Raatjes

For 20 years, Sue Raatjes was a high school English teacher in the Peoria Unified School District. One year, Sue was given a group of unmotivated students. But it turned out it was her favorite class to teach.
John Stevens

Arizona Storytellers: John Stevens

John Stevens was a storyteller at the recent fashion-themed storytelling night. John is the visual manager of Barney's New York in Scottsdale.

Arizona Storytellers: Daniel González

Daniel González is a reporter who covers immigration and border issues for the Arizona Republic. Fifteen years ago, Daniel was sent on his first border story assignment to Rocky Point, Mexico, to cover the murder of two Americans.
Rachel Simmons

Arizona Storytellers: Rachel Simmons

Rachel Simmons and her son, Jake, sold everything they had and moved to Greece. Then Rachel met and married a man named Dimitri.
Mack Duncan

Arizona Storytellers: Mack Duncan

Mack Duncan is one of the founders of The Torch Theatre in Phoenix. But before that he was a high-school theatre teacher.
Wendell Burnette

Arizona Storytellers: Wendell Burnette

Wendell Burnette started his own company 19 years ago. Right after he finished building his own home, Wendell’s very first client bought a lot in his neighborhood.
Caroline Lobo

Arizona Storytellers: Caroline Lobo

Caroline Lobo is an architect in Phoenix. One year, she and her team were working on redesigning an elementary school. After talking with the teachers, administration, the students and the parents, it was clear the community had very different opinions about the new school.
Celine Rille

Arizona Storytellers: Celine Rille

Celine Rille grew up in the United Kingdom. Today, she runs a marketing and design business in Phoenix. But through most of her schooling, Celine had trouble fitting in with the latest trends.
Rachel Egboro

Arizona Storytellers: Rachel Egboro

Rachel Egboro's neighborhood wasn’t the safest, but Rachel and her brother took the city bus and walked home from school every day. One day in March, Rachel went home alone and thought it was going to be like any other afternoon.
Charly Edsitty

Arizona Storytellers: Charly Edsitty

When she was in college, Charly Edsitty got the internship of a lifetime at CBS News in New York City. During that though, she thought she’d go even bigger and get an internship at the White House.

Arizona Storytellers: Dan Hull

By the time they met, Dan Hull and his partner had had their share of love, marriage, and divorce. So when they entered into their relationship, they knew they weren’t going to get married again.

Arizona Storytellers: Sean Buvala

KJZZ is partnering with the Arizona Republic to bring you the Arizona Storytellers project on the radio. Storytellers in Phoenix share their stories at live events in town. Some of the stories are about living here, some are not.

Arizona Storytellers: Kyle Mitchell

KJZZ is partnering with the Arizona Republic to bring you the Arizona Storytellers project on the radio. Storytellers in Phoenix share their stories at live events in town. Some of the stories are about living here, some are not.

Arizona Storytellers: Liz Warren

Liz Warren is from Gilbert, Ariz., and when she was 16 years old she joined the dress code committee at Gilbert High School to change the outdated rules.

Arizona Storytellers: Jordanna Burkett Crist

Jordanna always thought she knew more about being a mom than they did, especially when it came to time management. But when she got engaged, she learned a just how wrong she was.

Arizona Storytellers: Kathy Nakagawa

Kathy Nakagawa is a Phoenix native and a third-generation Japanese-American. Her dad started growing vegetables in Arizona in the 1930s. But During World War Two, her parents were interned at the Poston War Relocation Camp in Yuma.

Arizona Storytellers: Lucretia Torva

Lucretia Torva isn’t an Arizona native, but she considers Phoenix her home. As an artist, she started a journey to become part of a larger community and find out who she was.

Arizona Storytellers: Michael Barnard

Michael Barnard's grandfather, Harry Bonsall Sr., came to the Valley in 1902. He used to be a farmer, but when he moved to Glendale to start his own business, he became so much more than just that.

Arizona Storytellers: Amanda Adkins

Amanda Adkins is a local artist. In 2013 she was hired to paint a mural for the Black Theatre Troupe in Phoenix. Over the month of December, she painted some of the people who helped make that theater so special, including founder Helen Mason.

Arizona Storytellers: Dennis Burke

Dennis Burke worked in public relations for a division of Motorola that created communications equipment for the government. Once, this involved researching Motorola’s role in World War Two.

Arizona Storytellers: Robert Olson

KJZZ is partnering with the Arizona Republic to bring you the Arizona Storytellers project on the radio. Storytellers in Phoenix share their stories at live events in town. Some of the stories are about living here, some are not.
Rachel Egboro

Arizona Storytellers: Rachel Egboro

Rachel Egboro’s dad grew up in Nigeria as an orphan. But he was influenced by his pagan uncles and by the Christian priests at his boarding school. So when he moved to Tempe to start a family, parenting was something he taught himself how to do by book.

Arizona Storytellers: Laura Rutherford

Laura Rutherford grew up in Phoenix right next to the Arizona State Fairgrounds. Her childhood was chaotic and exciting every year when the fair came to town.

Arizona Storytellers: Chef Aaron May

KJZZ has partnered with the Arizona Republic to bring the Arizona Storytellers project on the radio.

Arizona Storytellers: Michael Weakley

KJZZ has partnered with the Arizona Republic to bring the Arizona Storytellers project on the radio.