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Title Author(s) Publication Date
ADOT gives driving tips for monsoon season Sept. 20, 2013
Two dogs abandoned in desert Sept. 20, 2013
Number of free summer meals for kids on the rise, report says Sept. 20, 2013
Bomb threat diverts plane to Phoenix Sept. 20, 2013
Legislation would let school boards increase property taxes Sept. 20, 2013
W.P. Carey School says real estate bubble unlikely Sept. 20, 2013
Gov. Brewer's Medicaid expansion bill fails to make it out of House committee Sept. 20, 2013
Latest On The Water Wars Alisa Barba March 26, 2018
Immigration News Of Note Alisa Barba March 26, 2018
Game and Fish prepares to defend bighorns with force Sept. 20, 2013
Hot weather leads to multiple emergency calls in Lake Mead area Sept. 20, 2013
Best Of the Border (6/3-6/7) Alisa Barba March 26, 2018
Flagstaff-area woman dies from complications of hantavirus Sept. 20, 2013
Legislative showdown begins Monday Sept. 20, 2013
Proposal Would Lift Restrictions On Endangered Gray Wolves Laurel Morales March 26, 2018
Lawmakers champion dollar coins Sept. 20, 2013
Senate To Start Debate On Immigration Reform Jude Joffe-Block March 26, 2018
Mexico Day Care Fire Now A Criminal Investigation Michel Marizco March 26, 2018
Three Southwestern States See 40 Percent Of Heat Deaths Laurel Morales March 26, 2018
Graduation rate increases, but Southwest is below national average Sept. 20, 2013
Wickenburg historic theater in danger of closing Sept. 20, 2013
Migrants Now Facing Greater Risk Of Death Michel Marizco March 26, 2018
Fate Of Controversial Program Part Of DHS Budget Debate Jude Joffe-Block March 26, 2018
Pinal County Board denies Babeu's request for staff pay raises Sept. 20, 2013
Kavanagh kills 'bathroom bill' Sept. 20, 2013