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Title Author(s) Publication Date
Wood Industry Can Prevent Catastrophic Fires Laurel Morales May. 1, 2012
22,000 Arizona kids to get health insurance May. 1, 2012
Mexican Peace Activist Brings Message To U.S. Michel Marizco May. 1, 2012
Feds: Loss Of Arizona Power Line Caused Massive September Blackout Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez, Adrian Florido May. 1, 2012
State Bar wants to recoup cost of Thomas ethics investigation Apr. 30, 2012
Lawsuit threatened over AZ budget sweep Apr. 30, 2012
Medical Tourists Can Speed Through U.S.-Mexico Border Crossing Jude Joffe-Block Apr. 30, 2012
Creating Dennis Rowland Apr. 27, 2012
Creating Dennis Rowland Apr. 27, 2012
Southwestern Tribes Talk Indigenous Rights Laurel Morales Apr. 27, 2012
How can we motivate people to vote? Apr. 27, 2012
ATF Releases Data On Guns Recovered In Mexico Michel Marizco Apr. 27, 2012
Mesa to bring another college branch campus to downtown Apr. 26, 2012
Gilbert homebuilders spark to life Apr. 26, 2012
Southwest Seen As Most Vulnerable To Wildfire Laurel Morales Apr. 26, 2012
SB 1070 Opponents Protest In Downtown Phoenix Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez Apr. 26, 2012
Majority of Arizonans Support DREAM Act Nick Blumberg Apr. 26, 2012
DHS Soliciting Virtual Border Again Michel Marizco Apr. 25, 2012
Bill aimed at disbanding police force in polygamist town fails Apr. 25, 2012
Legislature approves contraceptive coverage bill Apr. 25, 2012
Phoenix Coyotes successful so far in playoffs Apr. 25, 2012
Will Humble on determining who can be treated by medical marijuana Apr. 25, 2012
Analyzing the SB 1070 arguments in the U.S. Supreme Court Apr. 25, 2012
Should SB 1070 stand? Apr. 25, 2012
Claudio Roditi talks horns Apr. 24, 2012