Murphy Woodhouse

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Sonora Hopes To Improve COVID-19 Outcomes Murphy Woodhouse Aug. 5, 2020
Police Commander Killed In Northern Sonora Shootout Murphy Woodhouse July 31, 2020
As Pandemic Drags On, Sonoran Businesses Face Tough Choices Murphy Woodhouse Aug. 3, 2020
Phoenix Murder Suspect Arrested In Nogales, Sonora Murphy Woodhouse July 24, 2020
Mexican President Downplays Importance Of Face Masks Murphy Woodhouse July 23, 2020
Officials Take Issue As Mexico Lowers Sonoran COVID-19 Risk Level Murphy Woodhouse July 20, 2020
Mexican President: Military Will Take Charge of Land, Sea Ports Murphy Woodhouse July 17, 2020
Sonoran Capital COVID-19 Cases Expected To Peak Soon Murphy Woodhouse July 17, 2020
Produce Importers: Domestic Growers’ Push For Protection Could Spell Higher Prices Murphy Woodhouse July 16, 2020
Several Hundred Stores In Sonoran Capital’s Center Set To Reopen Murphy Woodhouse July 15, 2020
Ford’s Bronco Sport To Be Manufactured In Hermosillo Murphy Woodhouse July 14, 2020
Despite Pandemic, Sonoran Mothers Carry On Search Murphy Woodhouse July 13, 2020
Mexico Seeks To Ensure Access To COVID-19 Treatment, Vaccines Murphy Woodhouse July 10, 2020
Hermosillo Theater Troupe Hopes To Stave Off Crisis With Online Show Murphy Woodhouse July 8, 2020
Some Merchants In Sonoran Capital Prepare For Reopening Murphy Woodhouse July 3, 2020
Sonora Health Secretary Tests Positive For Coronavirus; Governor Isolates Murphy Woodhouse July 3, 2020
Sonoran Governor: Effort To Halt Nonessential Southbound Border Crossings To Start This Weekend Murphy Woodhouse July 2, 2020
Sonoran Health Secretary Calls To End Nonessential Crossings From U.S. Murphy Woodhouse July 1, 2020
Sonoran Manufacturers See Regional Opportunity In New USMCA Murphy Woodhouse June 30, 2020
Sonoran Hospitals In Nogales, Guaymas Reach Saturation Murphy Woodhouse June 29, 2020
With Random Calls, Sonora Hopes To Rout Out COVID-19 Cases Murphy Woodhouse June 27, 2020
Northern Sonora City Rocked By Weekend Violence Murphy Woodhouse June 22, 2020
As Hospitalizations Rise, Sonora Remains At Maximum COVID-19 Risk Murphy Woodhouse June 18, 2020
Sonoran Capital Mandates Many Businesses To Close At 6 P.M. Murphy Woodhouse June 15, 2020
Several Sonoran City Halls Don Rainbow Colors For LGBTQ Pride Month Murphy Woodhouse June 11, 2020