Kendal Blust

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Mexico Turns To Private Hospitals To Increase Coronavirus Care Capacity Kendal Blust Nov. 19, 2020
U.S.-Mexico Border Closure Extended Through Late December Kendal Blust Nov. 19, 2020
Endangered Fish Released Into Sea Of Cortez, Where Poaching Rampant Kendal Blust Nov. 18, 2020
Mexico To Take Up Investigation Into Former Defense Secretary Kendal Blust Nov. 18, 2020
Joe Biden Inherits Trump's Border Wall –– And Its Lawsuits Michel Marizco, Kendal Blust Nov. 13, 2020
Borderlands Startup Weekend Aims To Be First Of Its Kind Kendal Blust Nov. 9, 2020
Sonora Officials Clash On Social Media About New COVID-19 Safety Measures Kendal Blust Nov. 4, 2020
Women Hold Día De Muertos Vigil For Victims Of Gender Violence Kendal Blust Nov. 3, 2020
Sonora Governor Tests Positive For Coronavirus Kendal Blust Nov. 3, 2020
Border Wall Construction Impacts Mexico; Leaders Silent Kendal Blust Nov. 3, 2020
Record Number Of Sea Turtles Released From El Desemboque This Year Kendal Blust Oct. 27, 2020
Famous Mexican Singer Joins 'Song For Water' Concert Kendal Blust Oct. 27, 2020
Young Asylum Seekers In Nogales Share Their Stories, Plead For Relief Kendal Blust, Lauren Gilger Oct. 21, 2020
Mexico’s Security Secretary Announces Run For Sonora Governor Kendal Blust Oct. 21, 2020
Mexico Fishermen Scoff At Suggestion To Switch To Taxi Driving Kendal Blust Oct. 20, 2020
Sonoran Baseball Fans Barred From Stadiums After Some Flout Safety Measures Kendal Blust Oct. 19, 2020
Mexico’s Economy Secretary Downplays Lithium Deposits Amid Nationalization Debate Kendal Blust Oct. 16, 2020
Former Mexican Defense Minister Arrested In U.S. On Drug Trafficking Charges Kendal Blust Oct. 16, 2020
Mexico’s Tourism Industry Gets Ready — And Anxious — To Fight The Pandemic Rodrigo Cervantes, Kendal Blust Oct. 15, 2020
Officials Work To Return Stolen Truck To Mesa Family Kendal Blust Oct. 12, 2020
Mexico’s Health Secretary Calls Rio Sonora An ‘Environmental Hell' Kendal Blust Oct. 8, 2020
Mexico's COVID-19 Cases, Deaths Increase With New Methodology Kendal Blust Oct. 6, 2020
Family Of Massacre Victims Dissatisfied With Mexico’s Investigation Kendal Blust Oct. 5, 2020
Sonora Approves Controversial Digital Violence Law Kendal Blust Oct. 2, 2020
Wells In The Rio Sonora Valley Still Contaminated With Arsenic, Lead Kendal Blust Oct. 5, 2020