Kendal Blust

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Senior Field Correspondent - Hermosillo

Kendal Blust, an Arizona native, reports from KJZZ’s bureau in Hermosillo, Sonora, focusing on business and economic relationships between Arizona and northern Mexico.

Prior to joining KJZZ, Kendal worked at the Nogales International, reporting on border and immigration issues, local government, education and business. While working on her master’s degree at University of Arizona School of Journalism, she did stints with the Arizona Daily Star and the Tico Times in Costa Rica, and completed a thesis project about women art activists in the Arizona-Sonora borderlands.

In her pre-journalist life, Kendal was a teacher, first helping Spanish high school students learn English, then heading to Tucson to teach fourth grade.

When she’s not in the newsroom, Kendal enjoys getting outside for a hike or a swim, catching a good movie, hanging out with family and friends, and eating great food.

Title Author(s) Publication Date
For some asylum seekers, embroidery eases the strain of waiting at the border Kendal Blust March 25, 2022
Sonoran tourist destinations will be fully open for Semana Santa Kendal Blust March 23, 2022
Sonora to invest more than $6M to improve health facilities Kendal Blust March 23, 2022
8th journalist murdered in Mexico in 2022 Kendal Blust March 16, 2022
Sonoran woman disappears after leaving home to look for missing son Kendal Blust March 16, 2022
Sinaloa becomes 7th state in Mexico to decriminalize abortion Kendal Blust March 10, 2022
This Sonora city ranked second most violent in the world Kendal Blust March 14, 2022
Ship sunk off Mexico coast for artificial reef Kendal Blust March 10, 2022
Behind annual 8M march, Sonoran feminist groups are fighting for women’s rights year-round Kendal Blust March 10, 2022
Hermosillo police get 25 electric motorcycles Kendal Blust March 3, 2022
3 dead, several wounded in Caborca shootout Kendal Blust March 3, 2022
Mexico calls for an ‘extensive’ investigation into Phoenix killings Kendal Blust March 2, 2022
Mexico says it’s prepared to accept Ukrainian refugees Kendal Blust March 2, 2022
Tiny owl that lives in AZ, Sonora could get protection from threats Kendal Blust March 2, 2022
3 Arizona land ports among 26 port projects at U.S. borders Kendal Blust Feb. 28, 2022
Reporter killed in Sonora; 5 arrested in separate journalist murder case Kendal Blust Feb. 25, 2022
AMLO wants a diplomatic solution to Russian invasion of Ukraine Kendal Blust Feb. 24, 2022
6th Mexico journalist killed this year; leaders push back on U.S. concerns Kendal Blust Feb. 24, 2022
Sonora establishes working group to address gender violence emergency Kendal Blust Feb. 21, 2022
Pygmy owl could get protections again; comment period ends Feb. 22 Kendal Blust Feb. 18, 2022
Operations suspended at Sonora gold mine after accident Kendal Blust Feb. 18, 2022
At least 2 killed, 5 kidnapped during hours-long shootout in Caborca Kendal Blust Feb. 17, 2022
3 miners killed in collapse at Sonora gold mine Kendal Blust Feb. 16, 2022
Land donated for Sonoran solar plant tied to recent controversy Kendal Blust Feb. 16, 2022
U.S. files USMCA complaint citing Mexico's lack of protections for vaquita marina porpoise Kendal Blust Feb. 14, 2022