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Title Author(s) Publication Date
Lucretia Torva KJZZ News Jan. 7, 2015
State Economist Predicts Job Growth To Remain At 2 Percent In 2015 KJZZ News Jan. 5, 2015
Billboards Addressing Human Trafficking Unveiled In Phoenix This Week KJZZ News Jan. 5, 2015
Dr. Joseph Sirven: Ode To The Holidays KJZZ News Dec. 18, 2014
Judge Says Cell Phone Tracking Device Details Can Stay Secret KJZZ News Dec. 15, 2014
Dennis Burke KJZZ News Dec. 12, 2014
Robert Olson KJZZ News Nov. 18, 2014
Virgin Galactic To Offer Luxury Entertainment For Space Flight Passengers KJZZ News Oct. 6, 2014
Valley Considered For NCAA Final Four Championship KJZZ News Sept. 25, 2014
Climate Change Affecting Increase Of Insects And Pests In Arizona KJZZ News Aug. 25, 2014
Republican Attorney General Candidates Faced Off In Televised Debate KJZZ News July 29, 2014
Nonprofit Group Seeks Water Conservation Solutions For Colorado River KJZZ News July 28, 2014
Former Phoenix Mayor's Proposal For Nonpartisan Elections KJZZ News July 28, 2014
Arizona Congressman Co-Sponsoring Legislation For Central American Children KJZZ News July 24, 2014
DES Recovers $2M In Fraudulent Food Stamp And Unemployment Benefits KJZZ News July 23, 2014
Buffelgrass Threatens Native Vegetation At Saguaro National Park KJZZ News July 16, 2014
Federal Officials Scale Back Repatriation Efforts KJZZ News July 11, 2014
IKEA and Humane Society Team Up For Pet Adoption Program KJZZ News July 4, 2014
Gas Prices Around Arizona May Be Leveling Off KJZZ News July 4, 2014
Tohon O’odham Nation Allowed To Make Glendale Land Part Of Reservation KJZZ News July 4, 2014
Less Than Half Of Eligible Students Applying For Deferred Action KJZZ News June 25, 2014
Decline Of Private Sector Jobs KJZZ News June 20, 2014
First Heat-Related Death Of The Year KJZZ News June 20, 2014
Wildfire In Coronado National Forest KJZZ News June 20, 2014
Junipine Fire Has Burned 12 Acres, Is 25 Percent Contained KJZZ News June 17, 2014