Bret Jaspers

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Area Law Enforcement: We Need More Intelligence Analysts Bret Jaspers March 27, 2018
Monday Is Voter Registration Deadline In AZ Congressional Race Bret Jaspers March 25, 2018
8th Congressional District Candidates Debate In Phoenix Bret Jaspers March 23, 2018
Why A Stray Shopping Cart Is Both Nuisance And Mercy Machine Bret Jaspers March 19, 2018
Arizona State Proposes No Tuition Hike For Resident Undergrads Bret Jaspers March 16, 2018
Arizona Supreme Court Rules (Partially) On Taxes For Leased Solar Bret Jaspers March 16, 2018
Presidential Overtones In Flake New Hampshire Speech Bret Jaspers March 16, 2018
Zinke Testifies On Department Of Interior Reorganization Bret Jaspers March 15, 2018
National Database Aims To Help Cities Fix Water Pipes Bret Jaspers March 12, 2018
Phoenix, SRP Strike Deal On Water Pumping Bret Jaspers March 8, 2018
Mohave County Sets Aside Money For Possible Legal Action On Water Bret Jaspers March 5, 2018
Arizona Rep. Isela Blanc Arrested In D.C. DACA Protest Bret Jaspers March 5, 2018
Campaign Legal Center Files Federal Complaint Against Lesko Bret Jaspers March 1, 2018
Water Bills, Including Cochise Water Supply Measure, Pass House And Senate Bret Jaspers Feb. 23, 2018
Attorney: Montenegro Was ‘Grooming’ Staffer For Sexual Relationship Bret Jaspers Feb. 23, 2018
Lesko Campaign Finance Scandal May Be ‘Gray Area’ Bret Jaspers Feb. 22, 2018
AZ's 8th Congressional District Candidates Make Their Cases Bret Jaspers Feb. 20, 2018
CPLC Gets Award For Low-Income Investment Bret Jaspers Feb. 19, 2018
Candidates, SuperPACS Report Campaign Spending In AZ08 Bret Jaspers Feb. 16, 2018
Discovery Creemos Loses Charter Bret Jaspers Feb. 12, 2018
Untold Arizona: Laguna Dam — The Origin Of Yuma's Agricultural Power Bret Jaspers Feb. 12, 2018
Utah Investigates FLDS Members For Food Stamp Fraud Bret Jaspers Feb. 6, 2018
Workers To Rally In Phoenix To Support Navajo Generating Station Bret Jaspers Feb. 6, 2018
EDF Releases Groundwater Report Bret Jaspers Jan. 30, 2018
MIHS Clinic Breaks Ground In Peoria Bret Jaspers Jan. 29, 2018