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Tuesday Night Is Voter Registration Deadline For PPE Bret Jaspers Feb. 18, 2020
East Valley Solar Co-Op Reaches Installation Phase Bret Jaspers Feb. 17, 2020
Untold Arizona: Meet The People Living 'Off Grid' In Cochise County Bret Jaspers Feb. 17, 2020
Maricopa County Pledges More Polling Spots For Primary Bret Jaspers Feb. 10, 2020
White House Proposes 16% Cut To Interior Department Bret Jaspers Feb. 10, 2020
Trump Impeachment: Sinema Votes To Convict; McSally To Acquit Bret Jaspers Feb. 5, 2020
5 Things To Know About Arizona’s Democratic Presidential Primary Bret Jaspers Feb. 4, 2020
Glendale's Sahuaro Ranch Park Reconstructed After 2017 Fires Bret Jaspers Feb. 4, 2020
Hoffman: AZ Education System In 'State Of Emergency' Bret Jaspers, Mark Brodie, Steve Goldstein Feb. 3, 2020
Brnovich Asks For Stay Of Ballot Collection Decision Bret Jaspers Jan. 31, 2020
Bill Would Require Efficient Toilets And Faucets In Arizona Bret Jaspers Feb. 3, 2020
Lots Of Water Bills At AZ Legislature This Year Bret Jaspers, Mark Brodie Jan. 30, 2020
Dairy Food Manufacturers Eager To Use CBD In Their Products Bret Jaspers Jan. 28, 2020
Water Rule Leaves Ephemeral Streams Unprotected Bret Jaspers, Lauren Gilger Jan. 23, 2020
Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy During Phoenix March Bret Jaspers Jan. 20, 2020
Bill Would Ban River Water Transfers To Central AZ Bret Jaspers Jan. 18, 2020
At Least 2 Well-Metering Bills At Arizona Capitol Bret Jaspers Jan. 14, 2020
Some Droughts Are ‘Perfect.’ Here’s Why Bret Jaspers Feb. 3, 2020
Phoenix Finishes Converting 100,000 Street Lights To LED Bret Jaspers Jan. 14, 2020
Brnovich, Other AGs Urge Supreme Court To Not Take Obamacare Case Yet Bret Jaspers Jan. 10, 2020
Groups Settle Suit With AZ Over Voter Address Updates Bret Jaspers, Steve Goldstein, Lauren Gilger
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Jan. 6, 2020
How Was South Mountain Freeway On Its First Day? Bret Jaspers Jan. 6, 2020
Final Elections Manual Cuts Item That Settled Navajo Nation Lawsuit Bret Jaspers Dec. 20, 2019
Better Your Bowl: Phoenix Looking At Rebate Program For Toilets Bret Jaspers Dec. 20, 2019
The Colorado River Is Overcommitted. Here's Why — And What We Can Do About It Bret Jaspers Dec. 19, 2019