Lillian Donahue

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Extended West Valley Road Closure Begins Along Southern at 59th Ave. Lillian Donahue Nov. 27, 2017
New Target Shooting Restrictions In Tonto Forest Lillian Donahue Nov. 23, 2017
Dry, Warm Arizona Fall Pushes Ski Season Back Lillian Donahue Nov. 15, 2017
Sound-Barrier Construction Begins On South Mountain Freeway Lillian Donahue Nov. 8, 2017
Customer Rage Survey Reveals Economic Impact Of Customer Service Lillian Donahue Nov. 7, 2017
ADOT Releases New Travel Alerts App Lillian Donahue Nov. 1, 2017
Sky Harbor Increases Parking Rates Lillian Donahue Nov. 1, 2017
Orange Juice And Wine Prices Expected To Rise Lillian Donahue Oct. 30, 2017
Arizona Voters Have Increased By Thousands Since July Lillian Donahue Oct. 25, 2017
John McCain Condemns Controversy Over Fallen Soldier In Niger Lillian Donahue Oct. 23, 2017
Frye Fire Impacts Endangered Arizona Squirrels Lillian Donahue Oct. 18, 2017
Former Phoenix Fire Chief Alan Brunacini Has Died Lillian Donahue Oct. 16, 2017
Recent Mountain Rescues Prompt Safe Hiking Response Lillian Donahue Oct. 16, 2017
Arizona Girl Scouts React To Boy Scouts Announcement Lillian Donahue Oct. 12, 2017
Arizona Firefighters Leave To Battle California Wildfires Lillian Donahue Oct. 11, 2017
Grand Canyon Park To Demolish North Rim Camping Yurt Lillian Donahue Oct. 4, 2017
Las Vegas Mayor: First Responders' Efficiency, Preparation Saved Thousands Of Lives Lillian Donahue Oct. 2, 2017
Arizona Volunteers Helping Rebuild U.S. Virgin Islands Lillian Donahue Oct. 2, 2017
Arizona Red Cross Sends Blood For Las Vegas Shooting Victims Lillian Donahue Oct. 2, 2017
Arizona Ambulances Rushed To Aid Las Vegas Responders Lillian Donahue Oct. 2, 2017
Demolition Begins For Abandoned Phoenix Trotting Park Lillian Donahue Sept. 27, 2017
Heavy Traffic Expected In Glendale Before Cardinals Game Lillian Donahue Sept. 25, 2017
Mexican Consulate In Phoenix Responds To Mexico Earthquake Lillian Donahue Sept. 20, 2017
Mesa City Council To Choose Winkle's Replacement Lillian Donahue Sept. 20, 2017
Historic Phoenix Park Central Mall To Get Major Renovations Lillian Donahue Sept. 13, 2017