Nicholas Gerbis

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Despite skin cancer prevalence, screening studies lag behind Nicholas Gerbis April 20, 2023
USDA invests $1.9M to bring energy to 100 rural Arizona homes Nicholas Gerbis April 17, 2023
Pilot project will monitor AZ wastewater for signs of C. auris Nicholas Gerbis April 12, 2023
Bats in human-disturbed ecosystems more likely to carry coronaviruses Nicholas Gerbis April 7, 2023
WHO: 1 in 6 adults worldwide experience infertility Nicholas Gerbis April 7, 2023
Here's why you shouldn't let ducks and other birds nest near your house Nicholas Gerbis April 10, 2023
Study strengthens link between air pollution and dementia Nicholas Gerbis April 10, 2023
San Juan Southern Paiute lands up for ratification again Nicholas Gerbis April 5, 2023
Despite restrictions, 5 ozone-depleting chemicals reach record levels Nicholas Gerbis April 3, 2023
Horses interacted with U.S. Indigenous cultures far earlier than history teaches Nicholas Gerbis March 31, 2023
AZ researchers work to solve mysteries of ‘brightest of all time’ gamma burst Nicholas Gerbis March 30, 2023
Test strips can detect drugs laced with animal sedative Nicholas Gerbis March 29, 2023
Heavier drinking raises odds of using firearm to die by suicide Nicholas Gerbis March 29, 2023
Eating disorders affect all kinds of people. Here's why many still struggle to get treatment Nicholas Gerbis March 29, 2023
IRS updates virtual assets question on tax forms Nicholas Gerbis March 24, 2023
What to do when winds scatter baby birds to the ground Nicholas Gerbis March 23, 2023
C. auris fungal infections reported in 3 counties Nicholas Gerbis March 23, 2023
Mountain lion spotted in Tuzigoot National Monument Nicholas Gerbis March 22, 2023
Infant infections may double risk of adult early death from respiratory disease Nicholas Gerbis March 10, 2023
Health officials warn of rising fentanyl doses in cocaine, other drugs Nicholas Gerbis March 9, 2023
People can’t tell AI-generated profiles from human ones Nicholas Gerbis March 13, 2023
Valley fever cases ride high for second year Nicholas Gerbis March 8, 2023
In a first, scientist observe time and place of shark births Nicholas Gerbis March 3, 2023
Longer-lasting lightning more likely to cause fires as planet warms Nicholas Gerbis March 3, 2023
Energy Department loans $375M to lithium recycling company with AZ ties Nicholas Gerbis March 6, 2023