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Fronteras Desk Senior Editor

Fronteras Desk Senior Editor Michel Marizco is an award-winning investigative reporter. His reporting from the U.S.-Mexico border has revealed government wrongdoings and led to lengthy prison sentences for predators targeting vulnerable populations in southern Arizona.

He leads a diverse team of reporters who work in the vast and remote Navajo Nation, in quiet immigrant communities in Phoenix and along the Mexican border.

Their work focuses on the enterprising efforts in these regions to bring them into the 21st century’s global marketplace; the cultures, curiosities and tensions as these places change; and on those weird, wild stories that make the U.S.-Mexico border such an inherently fascinating region.

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Coconino Forest ancient village renamed Elden Pueblo Heritage Site Michel Marizco March 26, 2024
Sedona residents pushing back on the plan to make a safe place for workers to sleep in cars Michel Marizco March 21, 2024
Former White Mountain Apache tribal police officer charged in woman's Thanksgiving Day death Michel Marizco March 20, 2024
Residents air frustrations with Sedona's plan for area where workers can sleep in cars Michel Marizco March 18, 2024
Latinos see border in crisis but say more walls aren't the answer, study reveals Michel Marizco March 6, 2024
Officials will treat 12,000 acres of forest near Flagstaff to reduce overgrowth Michel Marizco March 5, 2024
Navajo Nation closes in on water settlement with Arizona, federal authorities Michel Marizco Feb. 29, 2024
New Mexico businesswoman accused of fraud in federal oil and gas case Michel Marizco Feb. 27, 2024
Flagstaff could see $2.8B damages from fire on San Francisco Peaks Michel Marizco Feb. 26, 2024
Operator of Arizona uranium mine visits state, defends company's safety standards Michel Marizco Feb. 22, 2024
Forest Service chief warns that budget cuts could hit employee salaries Michel Marizco Feb. 18, 2024
Forest Service changing Fossil Creek permit process to be more accessible Michel Marizco Feb. 14, 2024
Flagstaff to change zoning ordinance to allow for more housing Michel Marizco Feb. 12, 2024
Navajos again ask for no human remains on moon Michel Marizco Feb. 12, 2024
Northern Arizona hit with nearly 18 inches of snow in 24 hours, officials warn of avalanches Jill Ryan, Michel Marizco Feb. 7, 2024
Heavy snow expected in northern Arizona this week Michel Marizco Feb. 6, 2024
Indigenous families in 3 Arizona counties can get help repairing homes from $2M grant Michel Marizco Feb. 5, 2024
AZ lawmakers OK $8M to bus migrants from border towns Michel Marizco Feb. 1, 2024
The Navajo Nation is adding routers to its emergency service vehicles Michel Marizco Jan. 31, 2024
USGS wants to understand health risks from uranium mining to Havasupai Michel Marizco Jan. 30, 2024
Lake Havasu holding an open house for a new bridge Michel Marizco Jan. 29, 2024
FEMA warns homeowners to stock up on flood insurance Michel Marizco Jan. 23, 2024
Meeting seeks input to protect Hassayampa River corridor from mining Michel Marizco Jan. 22, 2024
Peregrine lunar lander team give update after craft crashes back to Earth Michel Marizco Jan. 19, 2024
Sedona will now manage its own tourism plan Michel Marizco Jan. 18, 2024