Nick Blumberg

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Title Author(s) Publication Date
Diamondbacks Help Celebrate Wrigley Field's 100th Birthday Nick Blumberg April 23, 2014
Phoenix Wraps Up Budget Hearings, But Work To Close Deficit Remains Nick Blumberg April 23, 2014
Grid Bike Share Launch Delayed ... Again Nick Blumberg April 21, 2014
Retired Phoenix Detective Ordered To Testify In Milke Retrial Nick Blumberg April 17, 2014
Legislature Adds New Requirements For Health Insurance Navigators Nick Blumberg April 16, 2014
Grand Canyon University Tax Break Fails Nick Blumberg April 15, 2014
Judge Rules Horne Did Not Violate Campaign Finance Rules Nick Blumberg April 14, 2014
Sex Worker Activist Found Guilty Of Prostitution-Related Charges Nick Blumberg April 11, 2014
Program Offering Services To Suspected Sex Workers Faces Backlash Nick Blumberg April 11, 2014
Responses To All Ignored Arizona Abuse Reports Nick Blumberg April 8, 2014
Arizona Medical Marijuana Law Ripe For Future Legal Challenges Mark Brodie, Steve Goldstein, Nick Blumberg April 4, 2014
County Attorney Asks For Clarification On Marijuana Extracts Nick Blumberg April 4, 2014
Record Swap Meet Attracts Avid Fans Mark Brodie, Nick Blumberg, Steve Goldstein March 28, 2014
Former US Attorney Censured For Fast And Furious Leakt And Furious Leak Nick Blumberg March 28, 2014
Trans Activist And Sex Worker Rights Advocate Fights Prostitution Charges Nick Blumberg March 28, 2014
Pit Bull Declared Vicious, But Will Not Be Put Down Nick Blumberg March 25, 2014
County Supervisors To Vote On Gallego Replacement Nick Blumberg March 24, 2014
Stanton Wants To Double Phoenix's Exports To Mexico Nick Blumberg March 19, 2014
House Committee OKs Money For Outside CPS Review Nick Blumberg March 12, 2014
Arizona House Passes Bill Allowing Some To Carry Weapons In Public Buildings Nick Blumberg March 12, 2014
Bike Master Plan Aims To Boost Ridership Nick Blumberg March 11, 2014
Sebelius Promotes Health Insurance Exchange In Phoenix Alexandra Olgin, Nick Blumberg March 5, 2014
Poll Finds 49 Percent Of Arizonans Support Gay Marriage Nick Blumberg March 4, 2014
Race For Arizona Governor 'Wide Open' Nick Blumberg March 4, 2014
Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial Moves Forward Nick Blumberg March 3, 2014