Jimmy Jenkins

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Federal Government Scheduled To Execute Navajo Man Jimmy Jenkins Aug. 25, 2020
Jeff Flake Endorses Joe Biden For President Jimmy Jenkins Aug. 24, 2020
Inmates: Officials Ordered Us To Refuse COVID-19 Testing Jimmy Jenkins Aug. 21, 2020
Emails: Hickman’s Lobbied Corrections For ‘Permanent Work Camp’ Jimmy Jenkins Aug. 19, 2020
Second Chances Act Ballot Initiative Fails To Clear Signature Review Jimmy Jenkins Aug. 14, 2020
USPS: No Infrastructure Changes In AZ Jimmy Jenkins Aug. 14, 2020
ADEQ: Serious Challenges Remain With Johnson Utilities Jimmy Jenkins Aug. 12, 2020
Gilbert Mayor Resigns Before End Of Term Jimmy Jenkins Aug. 12, 2020
Arizona Prisons Change Kosher Food Offering To 'Common Fare Meal' Jimmy Jenkins Aug. 7, 2020
Gunnigle Leads In Democratic Nomination For County Attorney Jimmy Jenkins Aug. 5, 2020
Republican Nomination For Maricopa County Sheriff Too Close To Call Jimmy Jenkins Aug. 5, 2020
More Than 500 Inmates Test Positive For COVID-19 Jimmy Jenkins Aug. 5, 2020
Record Primary Turnout In Maricopa County Jimmy Jenkins Aug. 3, 2020
4 Republicans In Maricopa County Sheriff Primary Jimmy Jenkins Aug. 3, 2020
Boiling Point: Police Reform Efforts Gaining Strength And Support Jimmy Jenkins July 31, 2020
AZ Woman Arrested After Attempting To Support al-Qaida Jimmy Jenkins, Scott Bourque July 25, 2020
Ducey's Executive Order Pledges State Resources For Elections Jimmy Jenkins July 22, 2020
Q&AZ: What Happened To The Lawsuit Regarding Inmate Health Care? Jimmy Jenkins July 20, 2020
DOC Policy Restricts Communications With Inmates, Staff Jimmy Jenkins July 16, 2020
AG Again Asks Governor For Help Attaining Death Penalty Drugs Jimmy Jenkins, Steve Goldstein July 16, 2020
Embry Women's Health Offering Free COVID-19 Testing Jimmy Jenkins July 15, 2020
Family Seeks Compassionate Release Of Incarcerated Man Stricken With MS, COVID-19 Jimmy Jenkins July 14, 2020
45 In Juvenile Detention Have Tested Positive For COVID Jimmy Jenkins July 13, 2020
Maricopa, Pima Counties Reaching Morgue Capacity Jimmy Jenkins July 10, 2020
Phoenix Police Department Submits Fatal DPS Shooting Investigation Jimmy Jenkins July 9, 2020