Jimmy Jenkins

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Correctional Officers Call For End To Code Of Silence In Arizona Prisons Jimmy Jenkins April 30, 2019
Governor Launches Investigation Of Dept. Of Corrections Jimmy Jenkins April 29, 2019
Arizona Sees Slight Decrease In Prison Population Jimmy Jenkins April 25, 2019
Prescott Sues Opioid Manufacturers Seeking Injunction Jimmy Jenkins April 25, 2019
Johnson Utilities Manager Says It's Making Progress Jimmy Jenkins, Steve Goldstein April 23, 2019
Oversight Committee Meets To Review Death Penalty Case Load Jimmy Jenkins April 18, 2019
EV Water Utilities Negotiating Potential Interconnection Jimmy Jenkins April 18, 2019
HSI: Federal Agents Shoot 2 Suspects In Phoenix Area Jimmy Jenkins
Associated Press
April 11, 2019
Early Cancer Screenings Urged For First Responders Jimmy Jenkins April 4, 2019
Arizona Town Hall Gathers Criminal Justice Stakeholders In Tempe Jimmy Jenkins April 2, 2019
Last Remaining Sentencing Reform Bill Would Free None Of The 41,000 In Arizona Prisons Jimmy Jenkins March 27, 2019
McSally Wants To Reform How Military Deals With Assault Jimmy Jenkins March 22, 2019
Kate Gallego Sworn In As Phoenix Mayor Jimmy Jenkins, Lauren Gilger March 21, 2019
Judge Finds Prison Policy Unconstitutional Jimmy Jenkins March 13, 2019
'Family Day' Offends Families Of Incarcerated People Jimmy Jenkins March 13, 2019
Some Say Montgomery Vetoed Criminal Justice Reform Mark Brodie, Jimmy Jenkins March 6, 2019
Q&AZ: Why Is Mesa Called Mesa? Jimmy Jenkins March 4, 2019
SRP Says Winter Storms Helped To Fill Up Reservoirs Jimmy Jenkins Feb. 28, 2019
Activists Call For Better Prisons Health Care Jimmy Jenkins Feb. 26, 2019
Winter Storm Dumping Heavy Snowfall, Rain Across Arizona Holliday Moore, Lauren Gilger, Steve Goldstein, Laurel Morales, Mythili Gubbi, Jimmy Jenkins, Isabella Hulsizer, Al Macias, Kerry Fehr-Snyder
Associated Press
Feb. 21, 2019
Prison Sentencing Reform Stalls At The Arizona House Jimmy Jenkins Feb. 20, 2019
National Emergency Declarations Not Unprecedented Jimmy Jenkins Feb. 14, 2019
ABA Calls For Free Feminine Hygiene Products For All Incarcerated Women Jimmy Jenkins Feb. 14, 2019
Criminal Justice Reform Activists Push For Hearings Jimmy Jenkins Feb. 13, 2019
Phoenix Police Department To Begin Body Camera Rollout Jimmy Jenkins Feb. 7, 2019