Ben Giles

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Senior Field Correspondent

Ben Giles is a senior field correspondent at KJZZ. He was previously a reporter for the Arizona Capitol Times, where he spent more than six years covering the Arizona Senate and the Governor’s Office, as well as state and federal elections. Before that, he was a reporter for the Washington Examiner, where he covered the Maryland Legislature, crime and various news beats in the Washington, D.C., metro region.

Giles lives in Phoenix with his wife and dog children, Dixie and Doris. In his free time, Giles is probably working on a never-ending list of home improvement projects.

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Flights Diverted To Phoenix Over Las Vegas Coronavirus Case Ben Giles March 19, 2020
Voter Info Accidentally Released To Counties, Parties Ben Giles March 17, 2020
AZ Churches Respond To Virus Recommendations Ben Giles March 17, 2020
Arizona Voters Head To The Polls For The Democratic Presidential Preference Election Bridget Dowd, Jimmy Jenkins, Ben Giles March 17, 2020
Arizona Health Officials: Positive Cases May Spike Since Private Labs To Outpace State Testing Ben Giles, Mark Brodie March 16, 2020
Hoffman: AZ Schools Analyzing Short- And Long-Term Options Ben Giles March 16, 2020
Hobbs: Presidential Preference Election Will Move Forward Ben Giles March 16, 2020
Major League Baseball Cancels Spring Training Ben Giles March 12, 2020
More Arizona Colleges Canceling In-Person Classes Ben Giles March 12, 2020
Phoenix Will Stop Shutting Off Water For Nonpayment Ben Giles March 12, 2020
Public Access To The Arizona Capitol Will Be Limited Ben Giles March 12, 2020
Sanders Looking Forward To Sunday's Debate In Phoenix Ben Giles March 11, 2020
Ducey Declares Statewide Public Health Emergency Ben Giles, Steve Goldstein March 11, 2020
ASU Announces In-Person Classes Will Be Moved Online Ben Giles March 11, 2020
MCCCD Board Considers Emergency Powers For Chancellor Ben Giles March 11, 2020
No Live Audience At Dem Presidential Debate In Phoenix Ben Giles March 10, 2020
Tucson-Based Science Fair Adjusts For Coronavirus Ben Giles March 10, 2020
AZ Denies Hundreds Medically Necessary Speech Aid Ben Giles, Lauren Gilger March 7, 2020
Bernie Sanders Rallies In Phoenix Following Super Tuesday Setback Ben Giles March 5, 2020
Senate Approves Bill To Boost Kinship Foster Care Stipend Ben Giles March 4, 2020
Community, Business Leaders On High Alert In A Post-SB 1070 World Ben Giles, Mark Brodie, Lauren Gilger March 4, 2020
Deadline Looming For New Arizona Travel ID Ben Giles March 3, 2020
Arizona State Laboratory Ready To Test For Coronavirus Ben Giles Feb. 28, 2020
Maricopa County Declares Itself 'Sanctuary' For Gun Rights Ben Giles Feb. 25, 2020
President Donald Trump Holds Rally In Phoenix To Packed Crowd Christina Estes, Ben Giles, Jimmy Jenkins, Tim Agne, Matthew Casey, Scott Bourque, Michel Marizco, Chad Snow Feb. 19, 2020