Katherine Davis-Young

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Senior Field Correspondent

Katherine Davis-Young is a senior field correspondent. She has produced work for NPR, New England Public Radio, Southern California Public Radio, PRI's The World, Washington Post, Reuters and more.

As the host of the podcast "(Un)Affordable," she spent months investigating the causes and effects of the Phoenix metro area’s worsening affordable housing shortage.

She has a master’s degree in radio journalism from the USC Annenberg School of Journalism.

She lives in central Phoenix with her husband, daughter, and ill-behaved cat and dog. Her side-passions include photography, crosswords and hot sauce.

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Hobbs hopes lawmakers will work across the aisle on abortion Katherine Davis-Young Nov. 25, 2022
RSV and flu cases continue to soar in Arizona Katherine Davis-Young Nov. 17, 2022
Most Arizonans haven't had new COVID booster as winter surge begins Katherine Davis-Young Nov. 16, 2022
Arizona's water supply is shrinking, but its population is growing. Is it sustainable? Katherine Davis-Young Nov. 16, 2022
Advocates say Hobbs win is a victory for abortion rights Katherine Davis-Young Nov. 15, 2022
Kris Mayes leads Abe Hamadeh in AG race Katherine Davis-Young, Chad Snow Nov. 8, 2022
Boy dies after exposure to brain-eating amoeba in Lake Mead Katherine Davis-Young Nov. 8, 2022
Abortions have resumed in Arizona, but clinics face high demand and staffing shortages Katherine Davis-Young Nov. 3, 2022
AZ reports RSV case counts 10 times higher than average Katherine Davis-Young Nov. 2, 2022
Planned Parenthood will resume abortions at 3 AZ clinics Katherine Davis-Young Oct. 27, 2022
Officials urge boosters as AZ sees increase in COVID hospitalizations Katherine Davis-Young Oct. 26, 2022
Poll: Arizona's governor and U.S. Senate races are very tight Katherine Davis-Young Oct. 18, 2022
COVID cases are low for now, but few in AZ are keeping up with boosters Katherine Davis-Young Oct. 13, 2022
Some AZ abortions resume, but some still want to see state enforce a ban Katherine Davis-Young Oct. 11, 2022
AZ's next attorney general will influence abortion laws and other critical legal issues Katherine Davis-Young Oct. 11, 2022
AZ Court of Appeals blocks enforcement of abortion ban Katherine Davis-Young, Bridget Dowd Oct. 7, 2022
AZ abortion providers send patients across state lines as legal battle continues Katherine Davis-Young Oct. 5, 2022
Doctor, ACLU file lawsuit to restore abortion rights in Arizona Katherine Davis-Young Oct. 4, 2022
Judge denies request to pause abortion ban ruling Katherine Davis-Young Sept. 30, 2022
Abortion ban ruling is not what 90% of Arizonans want Katherine Davis-Young Sept. 29, 2022
Arizona attorney general debate focuses on abortion laws Katherine Davis-Young Sept. 29, 2022
Maricopa County attorney: AZ abortion laws still unclear Katherine Davis-Young Sept. 27, 2022
Planned Parenthood asks court to stay Arizona abortion ban ruling Katherine Davis-Young Sept. 26, 2022
Arizona judge says the state can enforce near-total abortion ban Katherine Davis-Young
Associated Press
Sept. 23, 2022
AZ COVID numbers improving, but pandemic isn't over yet Katherine Davis-Young Sept. 21, 2022